The Right Law Firm Marketing Budget

We get a lot of calls each week from lawyers that are upset with their current legal marketing company. These calls generally go something like this.

“I can’t take this company that I’m working with any longer. I had them build my website about one year ago and I’ve been paying them month after month to do search engine work and nothing is happening.” The lawyer goes on to explain how they have spent a fortune on the website but…

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Google+ and How it Increases Your Legal Marketing Success – Podcast

As search becomes more social, it is important for law firms to understand how Google+ can help your firm increase its search engine rankings and build a bigger network of future clients and connections. This podcast discusses the +1 button feature and how it helps raise the online profile of your firm.

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Automate Follow Up and Win New Cases

Many law firms already understand the value of email newsletters. By staying in touch with prospective clients and existing clients, you keep your law firm’s name fresh on their mind. In fact, email newsletters are a great way of getting new clients not because of the people already on your list, but because of their friends and colleagues.

Not everybody needs representation right now and that is what makes newsletters so effective. By staying in front of people that…

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Focus on Law Firm Brand to Cohesively Plan Marketing Strategies – Podcast

Law firms must focus on their brand as the face of their firm. The brand and how it is conveyed in your logo, business cards, brochures, and website must be professional and communicate the right graphics, content, and tone to be effective and help your business grow.

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Does Your Law Firm’s Website Really Work?

Many law firms see their website as a necessary expense whether it is just there to service existing clients or bring in new accounts. A law firm’s website is necessary. But it should be an asset, not an expense.

Online marketing is unlike any other form of marketing. Television, print, Yellow Pages, radio, they all come down to one thing – getting someone to call your firm. You show the ad, hope that it reaches the right person, and…

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Creating a Lead Funnel on Your Law Firm’s Website

Online law firm marketing consists of many elements from having a conversion-friendly design to getting traffic from social media and published content. But once you have a visitor on your website, do they know what to do?

Websites need to serve two types of audiences: readers and people wanting to connect with a lawyer right now. You need to have valuable content on your website, but for the visitor who is anxious to contact an attorney, a lead funnel…

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More Traffic than and Yellow Pages

We love marketing law firms, improving brands, and helping you communicate in a way that brings in new clients. But we are also competitive, so when a report is released showing one part of SEO | Law Firm’s marketing plan sending more traffic to…

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