Building an Effective Mobile Attorney Website is an Important Law Firm Marketing Tool

Websites designed for desktop browsing are increasingly utilizing oversized elements like large headers, generous graphic features, full screen images and big, bold fonts. This is a design trend that many law firms have embraced successfully. However, while desktop monitors are getting larger, a growing portion of the population is viewing your website on smaller mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Having a website that is accessible to…

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The Right Technology Makes a Difference for Your Attorney Website

Building a good law firm website is a process that does not end once a set of page designs are chosen. With the design agreed upon, the development begins. And unfortunately, sometimes the best looking website designs can turn into a nightmare online if attention is not paid to the whole process, from brainstorming…

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Thinking About a New Website? Define Your Goals From the Start.

If your firm is considering developing a new website or undertaking a website redesign, now is the best time to define your strategy. Before diving in, stop to consider what you want your website to do for your firm – how you want it to work for you. It is easy for a law firm website to suffer from information spread. But attempting to sell a…

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Color Theory and Making the Right Connection with Your Law Firm Marketing

Color psychology is a complex science, one which people could spend their whole lives studying. It is something that we understand subconsciously when we choose the colors that surround us. It is why deep red dining room walls are more common than bright blue, and why muted earth tones are often seen in spas while bright primary colors adorn toy stores and playgrounds.

A potential client’s reaction to color must be taken into consideration when developing marketing strategies. A…

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Produce Results for Your Firm with Strategic Website Design

Good attorney website design is a lot of things. But above all, it is functional. A website is well designed if it produces results. Even the most website is breathtakingly beautiful website design will fail if it does not encourage action.

Having worked in the design industry for many years, I have experienced an evolution in thinking about what constitutes good design. For a brief period, when design students were still smitten with Flash, online design galleries were filled…

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Attorney Bios are an Important Lawyer Website Marketing Tool

Attorney bio pages on a law firm website are the pages most frequently visited by prospective clients. Bio pages can see up to twice the traffic of even a firm’s home page. Clearly they are important. Attorneys should take advantage of the exposure their bio pages receive by focusing on design and content that will engage visitors and generate leads.

Think of your attorney bio pages as an online extension of your office. You are inviting people in to…

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