What's New for Law Firms in WordPress 5.0

What’s New for Law Firms in WordPress 5.0

WordPress, a content-management system with a market share of 59.6 percent and used by 32.5 percent of all websites, unveiled their new update on December 6, WordPress 5.0. The most significant change is the implementation of Gutenberg, a block-based editor. Prior to Gutenberg’s roll-out, the default content editor was straightforward but rudimentary, it is not as intricate as Gutenberg. HTML codes had to be added for everything in order to get the required functionality. With Gutenberg,…Read More

Is AMP the Right Choice for Law Firms?

Is AMP the Right Choice for Law Firms?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google code project that helps websites load quickly. AMP accomplishes its hyper-fast load times by employing a stripped-down version of HTML; a limited, Google-approved Javascript library; and caching.

This means that in order to use AMP, you need to create an alternate version of your website that conforms to AMP’s standards. WordPress plugins exist to help law firms that use the WordPress platform accomplish this.