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Brill Legal Group, P.C.

Brill Legal Group, P.C. is a criminal defense firm with offices in Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Hamptons.

Challenge: Brill Legal Group, P.C. offers defense services targeted at two distinct groups of clients: criminal defendants and individuals facing disciplinary or license hearings. The website must, therefore, appeal both to those who have been arrested or are facing investigation as well as police officers, union members, doctors, lawyers, nurses and any other professional who relies on a license to be able to perform his or her job.

The firm also operates from multiple offices, and the different offices provide different services. The attorney in the Hamptons office, for example, offers real estate and family law services that are relevant to the local population but not directly related to the firm’s criminal practice, which is the focus of the firm’s marketing.

The firm also has a deep portfolio of content covering both practice areas and office-specific information. This content needed to be organized so that visitors could easily find the area relevant to them.

Solution: The redesigned site uses custom photography and grayscale-based design with pops of color to establish an simple but upscale, boutique feel.

In this way, the site appeals both to professionals and the firm’s target demographic of people who have been accused of white collar crimes. The firm has no interest in volume areas, like DUI, and is instead targeting a high-profile client base. It gives the ability for the firm to expand without diluting the brand or its ability to offer individualized attention.

Additionally, the website is divided structurally into two main areas — criminal and licensing — both of which are clearly accessible from the home page. The secondary pages also contain menus that provide navigation to the most important landing pages within the site, so that visitors can easily find what they need without being overwhelmed with choices and unnecessary information.

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