Set the scene

Good marketing tells a story your clients understand on an emotional level. Your images set the scene.

-Cristina Fries

Every picture tells a story

No bookshelves. No gavels. No department store portraits. Just great photography.

People take center stage

Your photographer will arrive at your office ready to make everyone shine.

Places set the mood

Take pictures of your surroundings, neighborhood and city to build a sense of familiarity for prospective clients.

Profiles make connections

Share a little about yourself and think beyond the suit, tie and bookcase for your profile imagery.

inspired by design

Don't let stock imagery dictate your design.

Too often, designers get stuck in a box with stock imagery. On Custom Legal Marketing's team, designers can design freely and work with our photographers to make sure we get photographs based on the design concept ... and don't design concepts around stock photography.

Phone cameras are great, but not for the final cut.

Your cellphone probably takes great pictures. But when you are putting together a photo collection for your law firm's website, manual control over lighting, focus, shadows and exposure is necessary to get a picture so perfect, it's clearer than reality.

Show off your firm's personality.

You are not like every other firm. Do you enjoy skiing, gardening, marathons, classic cars and painting, or are you just a suit and tie? Stage action shots, create a comfortable setting and show the world your best side. Share a little about the real you with a picture of you doing something you enjoy.

    Custom Design Services

    Relax and enjoy the spotlight

    Our photographers will put you at ease, even if you are not comfortable in front of a camera. We make sure you are happy with all published images.

    Nonstop representation

    Right now, you are being interviewed. A potential client is reading about your firm, maybe even reading your individual biography. Every lawyer they research is going to show them cliché images. You must show them something different, show them who you are, show them you are more than a bookshelf, gavel, conference room and law degree.

    You are their best chance at success. Prove it with pictures.

    The best impression

    Potential clients can find you in myriad ways and will likely see your ads or website before they meet you. Every piece of content is a potential introduction.

    Setting and mood can add a lot to your website. Purchasing decisions are rarely based solely on rational calculation. People pick providers they feel they like. The right photography will help forge a connection with visitors — one that can lead to trust. When prospective clients arrive at your office for the first time, they will feel comfortable and at ease.

    inspired by your firm

    Visitors are more likely to engage with a picture if it features real attorneys. Users pass over stock, but will spend time with pictures they know to be authentic. More time spent on your site learning about your firm translates to higher conversion. Keep people interested — give them a reason to remember you.

    -Kristen Friend
    Art Director

    Photographed Promises

    Directed by design
    Photographs are framed around your design.

    Professional quality meets professionalism.

    Own your images
    All photographs taken for your firm and used on your site are 100% yours.

    Extend your web branding to print literature. Get high resolution images for print marketing.

    Convenient scheduling
    Your photographer will work around your schedule to set up a photo shoot.

    Multiple locations
    Our photographers can plan multiple photo shoots at multiple locations to get a variety of scenes.

    Our Process

    Expect an experience like no other.

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