Design Responsively

The number of devices visitors use to view your site is growing daily. Your site must be ready for all of them.

-Justin Torres
Code Connoisseur

What Is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the practice of creating websites that anticipate diverse browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions to provide an optimal viewing experience for any visitor.

Please search engines

Google is on the record stating that responsive design is the company's preferred approach.

Anticipate visitors' needs

You can no longer be certain what device a visitor will use to view your site. Anticipate all contingencies.

Make updates easily

With a single site, you will only have to make changes once. Visitors will see your updates on all platforms.

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Anticipate Change

Analysts predict that mobile devices will outnumber people within the next decade. A single visitor could access your site from three different devices within the same day. Be prepared for the growth of the mobile market and build your site to adapt effortlessly to any user's needs.

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Make a good impression every time

Existing and potential clients are viewing your content on laptops, desktops and tablets, on iPhones, iPads, Androids and more. In fact, your site is being viewed on mobile devices more than ever. But if your site isn’t viewable on the device being used, you’ve just lost a potential client. Building a great website isn’t enough. You must make it accessible. We design and customize your website with every device in mind, whether it be a desktop, tablet or mobile device, to suit each viewing environment.

What makes a good site?

[be responsive]
Adapt or disappear

Your website must adjust seamlessly and consistently to whatever size screen and device your viewer is using. With responsive website design, your website looks its best every time and every place it is viewed.

-Justin Torres
Code Connoisseur

Be responsive. Be accessible.

Easy to Manage
Eliminate the need for separate updates of mobile and desktop versions.

Clean Content Feeds
Content populates throughout your site to all of your device formats.

Current Technology
New devices are being released steadily. Your responsive site will be ready to adapt to the latest technology.

Good for SEO
Responsive design keeps users on one dedicated url, which is a best practice according to Google.

Fits All Screens
Desktop: Full site with all the extras. Tablet: Wider screen, rich viewer experience. Mobile: Single column, scrollable content.

Maximum Reach
Be available wherever your visitors try to find you. Do not eliminate audience segments by ignoring their habits.

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