what makes a good website

What makes a good website?
A good website combines clean design with pure functionality. Design does not exist in a vacuum, and a good site combines beauty with brains. Your website is, in part, a tool to produce leads, and it will not be successful if it cannot deliver. Here are some traits well-designed websites have in common.

Intuitive navigation: Your visitors should never have to pause to wonder how to navigate to your profile or contact page. They should never have to guess at where to go to find the information they require. Plan out your sitemap and navigation with the user in mind.

An obvious call to action: Consumers do not really want choice. When presented with too many options, people are more likely to avoid making a decision at all. Your website must direct your users to take specific actions, like downloading an ebook or filling out a form. Prioritize visitor actions and use the layout to give the most important action the greatest visual weight.

Diverse, well-written content: Both visitors and search engines like a site with interesting, helpful content.

A clear message and goal: Visitors should gain an immediate understanding of your core message. What do you want your site to say about your firm? How would you like visitors to respond to your message? Only begin thinking about layout after you have defined a message and goal.

A responsive layout: Responsive design is the practice of creating websites that anticipate diverse browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions to provide an optimal viewing experience for any visitor. Be accessible on all devices.

A good website has to perform for your firm. All design decisions should be based on that simple fact.