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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the vital key to your success. Knowing how it works and what it can accomplish for you is the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence to enhance your family law firm practice.

Custom Legal Marketing (CLM) does a complementary analysis of your existing website. We examine your social activity, what platforms you use most often, how successfully, check local citations and your link portfolio. When we're done, we show you where you family law firm ranks, and the, our high-trained SEO analysts send you a free review containing ideas on boosting your marketing strategy to accomplish your family law firm marketing goals.

We get good results for family law firms in competitive U.S. markets, because the crux of CLM's marketing program is driven by two specifics goals:

Creativity is the Key

For family law firms to launch an outstanding marketing campaign, the crucial point is trying something "new", and here is how we do that. We calculate what other family law firms in you area are "NOT" doing and get to work on a creative strategy for YOUR family law firm. It's not just a usual marketing strategy; it is one that establish YOUR firm as the leader in your area. To achieve the goals we law out for your campaign we use various approaches such as:

  • Relevant content
  • Tracking the competition
  • Establishing quality links
  • Develop an award winning website design
  • Reviews and more
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We Only Work With ONE Family Law Firm in Your Area

We're serious. We say your family law firm is an exclusive client, you are THE exclusive client we work with in your city. There are no other competition. This is CLM's No Competition™ Guarantee that assures you we do not work with ANY  other family law attorney in you city.

Our comprehensive law firm marketing approach includes strategic content, client reviews, authoritative links, winning design, tracking what matters and more. You will get:

1. Strategic Content

Future clients are not just searching for a "family law". They are searching for much more in a family law attorney, including whether or not the attorney has experience with custody agreements, division of assets, prenuptial agreements and can help draft a parenting plan. To that end, we ensure you receive strategic content that helps to widen your family law firm's reach. 

This strategic content produces leads from targeted searches, such as divorce lawyer, child custody lawyer, divorce attorney, custody lawyers, (state name) father's rights, (city name) divorces, how to get a divorce in (state name), father's rights, local divorce attorney, child custody attorney and more. 

Interactive contact elements

The interactive element uses strategic content to streamline the lawsuit process.

2. Authentic Links

Our goal is to build authoritative links to your immigration law practice. We believe in connecting your site with trusted web properties instead of thousands of mediocre links. CLM has used multimedia and strategic content to acquire quality links from some of the most reputable sites on the web.

3. Glowing Reviews

They say word of mouth is one of the best forms of publicity. On the web, testimonials from satisfied clients have the power to convert more leads. Our user-friendly system makes it easy for clients to share their positive experiences of working with your law firm. Whether it is a successful outcome in an immigration case or a fuss-free legal process to obtaining a work visa, our team gathers real reviews from real clients. 

Filing for divorce is confusing and distressing. Legal assistance is needed to accomplish it as amicably and painlessly as possible; a process which may include mediation. There are a great many details that need to be considered when filing for divorce, particularly if there are children involved. Working with stressed, divorcing couples is difficult and clients are appreciative, sharing how you helped them navigate the process. These reviews help your family law firm connect with prospective clients and convert more leads.

4. Award Winning Family Law Website Design

CLM has well over a decade of experience building and actively monitoring award-winning websites. We track user behavior, convene focus groups, design and build a one-of-a-kind website create detailed photo briefs that speak straight to YOUR family law clients and potential family law clients.  

McCormack & Elrich website
Strong Advocates website
Awards for law firm website design

5. Above the Fold Search Results for Google Cards

Searching for information about a case? Google has been known to answer a query with a card that usually shows up above the fold of the page, giving YOUR firm ultimate authority on a topic. How does that happen? We develop questions and topics, wording them to allow Google to select YOUR family law content for top placement.

Google Featured Snippet for Law Firm

As as bonus, Google Assistant and Google Home use use cards to answer verbal queries.

6. Pay-Per-Click - A Worthy Performancce

Our Google Partner Certified Team, builds and manages PPC campaigns designed to convert your family law website visitors to clients andhelp boost some preferred case types, such as custody disputes or mediation. PPC campaigns deliver more leads for all practice areas on your website, and not necessarily just for family law. This helps to supplyment your natural search engine marketing campaign.

Google Partner Badge

7. Press Relations are Important - Be the News

Is handling contentious, possibly high profile divorce cases a specialty? Do you spend extra time learning about the latest tactics to assist in mediating a divorce settlement? You are perfectly positioned to provide expert commentary and CLM is poised to pitch your story. 

We develop news release kits, pitch various for stories to local journalists and send the kits directly to editors via direct and email. We also develop content promoted on popular news sites.

Law firms in the news

8. Statistics: Track Your Success

Want to know what we are doing for your family law firm website campaign? Log into the CLM Lounge and view reports that monitor your progress, track search engine rankings, visitors, links, local listings, user behavior and much more. We have the answers to your questions. ALWAYS make sure you know what your marketing company is doing for you and how it is working.

Facebook analystics

We love statistics and we love sharing them. We believe you should always know what your marketing company is doing on your behalf and whether those efforts are paying off. After all, we are in this together.

Let's Talk

We have seen the arrival of numerous law firms form across the nation who has chosen to switch for Justia, Martindale, Scorpion and FindLaw to CLM. Not one has looked back. Call us today to work with a true marketing partner for your family law firm. We do not help your competition win YOUR potential clients.

What are Custom Legal Marketing Strategy Centers?

A CLM Strategy Center puts your marketing team in your backyard. Custom Legal Marketing has fully staffed offices in Tampa, Florida and San Francisco, California. Strategy centers are smaller branch offices. Typically, strategy centers will have 1-3 team members available to support local law firms in the region. Other strategy centers serve as hubs to host CLM team members that are deployed from other fully staffed offices or staffed strategy centers.

CLM Strategy Centers are our way of building local relationships with lawyers in every corner of the country.

Get a Free SEO and Website Analysis

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Your Law Firm's SEO success starts with knowledge.

We offer a free analysis of your website, your SEO, your social activity, your local citations and your link portfolio so you can see where your firm stands. When ready, one of our analysts will provide you with a free review along with insights and suggestions about how to boost your law firm marketing performance and strategy.

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CLM is the Real Deal

Jason at CLM is the real deal when it comes to SEO. I don’t think that you could make a better choice.

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