Search Engine Marketing is More than Just Rankings

A search engine marketing plan should be comprehensive.

-Tyler Rhodes

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Search Engine Marketing for the Growing Law Firm

Whether you are a solo practitioner, a small law firm, or a midsize to large law firm, your search engine marketing strategy cannot have tunnel vision. Aside from natural rankings, you need a local strategy, review strategy, inbound links that deliver traffic, and ranking benefits. With CLM Grow, you can get a scalable search engine marketing plan that grows with your firm.


Law firms with one to three lawyers need scalable solutions that grow with them. CLM Grow delivers.


Using the CLM Grow Lounge, you can monitor ranking trends, competitors, and social activity.


We establish a local strategy based on your demographics and regions so that we can reach your neighbors.

Yet Scalable

Don't focus on link volume, focus on link quality. We discover link opportunities that drive traffic to your site and help with your rankings.

Social activity can deliver solid leads. With CLM Grow, we can give your followers a reason to pay attention by creating and sharing engaging social content.

Our search engine marketing plans grow with your firm. Start with a plan that is right for you and grow into a larger comprehensive plan to dominate your market.

    Chart Your Law Firm's Success

    We monitor keywords, competitors, social activity, and ranking trends and so should you. Based on the CLM Lounge
    , the CLM Grow Lounge is a limited version that gives you the necessary features to track your campaign’s success. Don’t get left in the dark.

    CLM Grow Lounge Report

    CLM Grow Lounge

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    Our Plan

    The best search engine marketing strategies start with intelligence.

    We dig deep into your existing link portfolio, carefully review every line of content, research your local market, and harvest valuable data about your competitors. Every campaign should start with intelligence.

    After we know what to do, we do it right.

    Knowing your market is just the beginning. After we conduct detailed research our team goes to work. We review copy, we discover link opportunity, we develop content, and we don't waste time. We are just as eager as you are to see your firm grow.

    Monitor success and change course when needed.

    With search engine marketing, setting and forgetting is not an option. We constantly review the progress of your campaign. If we see a hint of turbulence, we work out a plan to minimize the impact on your site. If we see a drop, we immediately address it to get you back on top.

    Mission accomplishing!

    There is no such thing as "mission accomplished" with online marketing. We set goals, we achieve goals, but the tides of change can take that progress away. That's why through constant monitoring and evaluating the success of our strategies we can make sure you keep growing after we meet our initial goals, and continue to do so far into the future. As your marketing partner, we grow together.

      Start Growing

      The Best Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers Includes

      Start smart and grow with knowledge.

      Links that Matter
      Make link opportunities prove their value.

      Putting Local First
      Establish and meet local SEO goals.

      Know where you have been and monitor results.

      Spying on Competitors
      Keep your friends close and your competition closer.

      We are always ready to change course for better results.


      The most affordable high-end website for lawyers.

      Start Growing

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