What's New for Law Firms in WordPress 5.0

What’s New for Law Firms in WordPress 5.0

WordPress, a content-management system with a market share of 59.6 percent and used by 32.5 percent of all websites, unveiled their new update on December 6, WordPress 5.0. The most significant change is the implementation of Gutenberg, a block-based editor. Prior to Gutenberg’s roll-out, the default content editor was straightforward but rudimentary, it is not as intricate as Gutenberg. HTML codes had to be added for everything in order to get the required functionality. With Gutenberg,…Read More

What lawyers can learn from Google's Webspam Report

What lawyers can learn from Google’s Webspam Report

Google released its 2015 Webspam Report this week, which details actions the company took over the last year to try to clean up the internet, reduce spam and increase page quality. When Google chooses to release actual data, webmasters and website owners (and yes, lawyers) should take note. The reports often provide insight into the types of practices Google punishes and rewards, which you can use to help prevent mistakes and build better pages. This report is…

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The Curious Relationship Between IT and SEO

SEO and ITImagine a scenario in the “Mad Men” era of marketing where the technicians who kept the printing machines running were invited into the decision room to critique and comment on the ads they would be printing. Frankly, it would never happen. Those mechanical engineers weren’t generally going to provide the best insights on marketing, any more than the marketing personnel could solve ink spatter problems.

Fast-forward to 2015, and…

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A look at Google’s highest-ranking personal injury law firms

top_two_pisites_CLM_LabOur friends at Custom Legal Marketing (CLM) recently released a report that examined the highest-ranking personal injury law firms in America’s major cities.

They chose keywords related to car accidents to conduct the study, which focused on the actual website designs of the top two websites for those keywords in cities across the country. It’s an interesting perspective, since ranking studies usually look at other factors — like links, local citations…

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Google+ Adds Automatic Authorship and Post Embedding

authorshipGoogle Authorship is a method for attaching a specific author to online content so that the author can be associated with his or her work across the Internet, no matter where it is published. Google advertises Authorship as a good way to validate content, help get discovered and attract more readers.

The little pictures you see next to some search results are displayed because of Authorship. If you see those…

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Take a closer look at how people are interacting with your website

event trackingMuch of the practice of search marketing is centered around getting people to your website. Having a diverse collection of links pointing to your site and ranking well in search engine results should increase the number of people visiting your pages. But what happens once those visitors arrive at your website. Are they staying? Do they read your articles or just scan your pages? Are they contacting you?

Keeping users…

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Useful plugins to enhance your lawyer website functionality

wordpressIf you are considering a website redesign or are looking into developing an entirely new site, your choice of content management system is a major consideration. Since attorney websites must be frequently updated to remain relevant, it is important that your site be developed on a platform that allows you to easily add and edit new pages and blog posts.

Some law firms consider developing a custom content management system for…

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