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Be Dynamic

Marketing is a dynamic process that must adapt quickly to market changes or unforeseen stumbling blocks.

-Jason Bland
Legal Marketing Enthusiast

Dig Deeper Into Your Tracking Data

Marketing cannot work with a head-in-the-sand approach. You may want only good news about
your site's performance (so do we), but results are rarely 100 percent positive. Tracking user behavior, site traffic and social statistics will provide insight into the tweaks — large or small — that may be necessary to boost your results. A beautiful website is only successful if it provides leads and cases. Social activity and blogs are valuable only if they grow your audience and increase your authority in search engine results. Monitor your progress for optimum flexibility and performance.

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Knowledge is Power

Many free tools exist to help you monitor any number of statistics, but they require separate accounts and the available free time to manage each one. We collect data about your website, social media profiles, social activity, blog, press and email campaigns and present everything in one dashboard. One login from your desktop, tablet or smartphone — wherever you are — gives you access to all of your data.

Advialytics Tracking

Track. Analyze. Perform.

Email Statistics
Monitor your email list and track the performance of newsletter campaigns.

Website Statistics
Evaluate demographic data, traffic statistics and link performance. Define custom goals for visitor actions.

Reporting Center
Review your charts and statistics in a convenient customer dashboard.

Website Tracking

Expect first-class marketing statistics.

Email Campaigns

Monitor your email campaigns.