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Criminal Defense Law Firm Marketing & SEO

Law Firm SEO that Works™

Get a Free Law Firm Marketing and SEO Analysis

The most important and vital key to achieving success in getting more criminal defense cases is utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). If you get a good sense of how it can work for you and what your law firm can accomplish using SEO, you can forward with confidence to build up your criminal defense law firm.

Custom Legal Marketing (CLM) begins the journey to partner with you by doing a complementary analysis of your existing website. We closely look at you social activity, examine which platforms seem to work best for you, how successful your posts are, check local citations and analyze your link portfolio. When we have your report ready, we show you where your criminal defense law firm ranks, and send you a free review outlining ideas to boost your marketing strategy to accomplish your criminal defense law firm marketing goals.  

Custom Legal Marketing (CLM) gets great results for criminal defense law firms in very competitive U.S. markets, because the heart of CLM's marketing program is driven by two unequivocal goals:

Resourcefulness, Inventiveness and Creativity

For criminal defense law firms to forge ahead with an outstanding marketing campaign, the crucial point is committing to trying somethings "new", and here is how we do that. We enumerate what other criminal defense law firms in your area "NOT" doing, then devise a creative strategy for YOUR criminal defense law firm. It's not just a run-of-the-mill, usual, expected marketing strategy it is one that entrenches YOUR firm as the leader in you area.

To achieve the goals we lay out for you campaign we use various approaches such as:

  • Develop an award winning website design
  • Reviews
  • Relevant, current content
  • Ongoing tracking of the competition
  • Ensuring your criminal defense law firm website has only quality links
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employment lawyers meeting

An ironclad guarantee we only work with ONE Criminal Defense Law Firm in you area

We are absolutely serious about this statement. When we say your criminal defense law firm is an exclusive client, you are THE exclusive client we work with in your city. There is no other competition. This is CLM's No Competition™ Guarantee and we stand by it.

Our comprehensive law firm marketing approach includes strategic content, link building, client testimonials, winning design, tracking what matters and more. You will get:

1. Strategic Content

Future clients are not just searching for a "criminal defense law firm or lawyer". They are searching for much more in a criminal defense attorney, including whether or not the attorney has experience with white collar crime, sex offenses, DUI, drug charges, burglary charges, arrest issues, sentencing, appeals, and criminal charges in general. To that end we make sure you have strategic content that helps to widen your criminal defense law firm's reach.

This strategic and relevant content acts to create leads from targeted searches, some of which would be geographically specific (state, city), such as DUI (state), criminal lawyers (state, city), criminal attorney, DUI attorney, DUI attorney (city, state), DUI lawyer, expungement, defense lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, (state, city) defense lawyer, criminal defense attorney, simple assault, assault charges and more.


Above, example of a custom graphic illustrating the HGN test.

2. Relevant and Authentic Links are Important

We connect your criminal defense law firm website to only the best Internet properties/websites. Your criminal defense law firm website is not linked to low quality, questionable sites to promote your practice. By using targeted and relevant content, combined with multimedia and other unique, different offers, our clients have gleaned quality links from trusted websites on the Internet. 

3. Glowing Reviews

At CLM we have a revolutionary and unique system of reaching your clients when they are most likely to submit a positive review. Criminal defense law firm clients are sent step-by-step instructions, complete with screenshots telling them how to write a review. This is the perfect opportunity for criminal defense law firm clients to share their experiences with others about your skills as an attorney and your law firm. 

Being charged with a criminal offense is frightening, confusing and distressing. Legal assistance is required to navigate the complex criminal justice system as painlessly as possible; a process that may include a plea bargain, a reduced sentence or the attorney succeeding in having charges mitigated. There are a great many details that a criminal defense lawyer needs to handle and it's painstaking and detailed work. Clients that are appreciative, welcome sharing how you helped them navigate the process.

Use these reviews to connect with prospective clients and convert more leads.

4. Criminal Defense Law Firm Websites – Award Winning

We have well over a decade of experience building and actively monitoring award-winning websites. We thrive on creating only the best sites for our clients. But we don't just "create". We track user behavior, design and build a one-of-a-kind website, hold focus groups, and create detailed photo briefs that speak straight to YOUR criminal defense law clients and potential clients. 

Brill Legal Group
Awards for law firm website design
5. Search Results for Google Cards - Above the Fold

Need more information about a case? Google may answer a query with a card that shows up above the fold of the page, giving YOUR criminal defense law firm ultimate authority on a topic. How does that work? We create questions and brainstorm topics, making certain to word them to allow Google to select YOUR criminal defense law content for top placement. 


As as bonus, Google Assistant and Google Home use use cards to answer verbal queries.

6. Pay-Per-Click That Works

We build PPC campaigns to supplement your natural search engine marketing strategy. CLM's Google Partner Certified team is experienced in developing and implementing PPC campaigns that convert.

Google Partner Badge
7. Be the News with Press Relations

Is handling contentious, possibly high profile criminal defense cases you speciality? Do you spend extra time getting Board Certified or taking extra courses related to DUI offenses to assist in defending a DUI client? CLM is poised to pitch your story because you are perfectly positioned to provide expert commentary.

We develop content promoted on popular news sites and also develop news release kits, pitch various angles for stories to local journalists and send the kits directly to editors via direct and email.

Law firms in the news
8. Your Sucess by the Numbers

Want to know what we are doing for your criminal defense law firm website campaign? Log into the CLM Lounge, view reports that monitor your progress, track search engine rankings, visitors, links, local listings, user behavior and much more. Got questions? We have the answers and are happy to help you. ALWAYS make sure you know what your marketing company is doing for you and how it is working.

Facebook analystics

We love statistics and we love sharing them. We believe you should always know what your marketing company is doing on your behalf and whether those efforts are paying off. After all, we are in this together.

Get a Free SEO and Website Analysis
law firm marketing and lawyer SEO analysis

Your Law Firm's SEO success starts with knowledge.

We offer a free analysis of your website, your SEO, your social activity, your local citations and your link portfolio so you can see where your firm stands. When ready, one of our analysts will provide you with a free review along with insights and suggestions about how to boost your law firm marketing performance and strategy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

CLM is the Real Deal

Jason at CLM is the real deal when it comes to SEO. I don’t think that you could make a better choice.

Paul Greenberg Briskman Briskman & Greenberg

The site is great

The site is great, but your continued ability to take care of us is what has made a real difference. Great job to the entire team!

James Fausone Legal Help for Veterans

My traffic has tripled

My traffic has tripled and my website consistently refers new clients to my social security and disability law firm.

David W. Magann David W. Magann, PA

I have had amazing results

I have had amazing results for my solo law firm with SEO. Jason and his Company have placed me extremely high on Google.

Annie Banerjee Banerjee & Associates

I’m impressed

I just reviewed my new website. I am impressed! Good job.

Mark Anderson Attorney Mark F. Anderson

How much I appreciate your service

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your service and how happy I am to have landed with you. You have taken a huge burden off of me by creating and maintaining my site the way you do.

Jon Ladd Business Real Estate Law Group

More leads than ever before

CLM’s dedication and unwavering support for our law firm is very much appreciated. I'm getting more leads than ever before.

Henry Enright Todd J. Leonard Law Firm

The Best Decision I Made

Switching our SEO company over to CLM was one of the BEST decisions I made as the director of marketing for a large Law Firm. Always responsive and always finding solutions to every obstacle- I don't know what I would do without them.

Yani Smith Steinberg Law Firm

Measurable Increase to Our Traffic

We have seen a significant, measurable increase to our website traffic from natural search. They have also helped us launch a second location. Recommended.

Jason Erlich McCormack & Erlich

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