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Always reach out

Do not wait for clients to come to you. Engage with prospective clients and colleagues.

-Tyler Rhodes

Make Connections Proactively

Online marketing encompasses much more than just ranking in search results. You must engage with others in a variety of ways to build the relationships and trust that lead to new clients.

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Firms have long relied on traditional marketing and word of mouth to build client relationships. Some firms have long been skeptical of search marketing tricks — and rightfully so. Shortcuts do more harm than good. But a good online marketing plan discounts such tactics and can be of real value to your firm.

Many of the practices that have long made large brands successful are now being incorporated into online marketing strategies. Before the days of a ubiquitous Internet, companies had to grow the old-fashioned way: by investing in their products, advertising and people. They had to spread marketing budgets across various campaigns on different media outlets. Similarly, firms must be active on array of networks, produce interesting content and invest in diverse tactics. No one trick will produce magical results.

Network consistently

Networking takes time. No attorney expects to go to one dinner and immediately get inquiries from half the people at the event. Online networking requires an even greater level of patience, but it can produce results. From acquaintances to close colleagues, you must work to build groups of relationships online just as you steadily expand your circle of relationships offline.

Engagement pays off in the form of social proof and social signals, with Likes, shares and retweets that search engines can use in ranking algorithms. But it also works on a more personal level, as you establish yourself as a resource for your connections. When you interact thoughtfully, those in your online networks are more likely to remember you, recommend you and contact you.

grow your networks

Create a positive relationship with the press, and let journalists tell the stories that surround your law firm's success.

Custom Legal Marketing will help you embrace the media. We offer press release writing services and partner with a distribution service that puts your news in the hands of readers and reporters.

A good video can serve your firm as a brand ambassador, introducing you to future clients any time of any day.

A typical visitor may spend only a minute or two on your website but would be willing to engage with a helpful video for several minutes. Videos create immersive experiences that give visitors a reason to remember you, recommend you and contact your firm.

Podcasts offer an easily accessible method of connecting to potential clients with personal delivery and timely topics.

Podcasting expands your integrated marketing portfolio. It provides another way for people to find you and another piece of content for visitors, friends and listeners to suggest to others.

Email is still consumers' preferred method for receiving information about promotions, products and services.

More people read emails from businesses than click on their ads or connect on social media. Build contacts, keep communication open and track your progress to optimize your email campaign's effectiveness.

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