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Love Your Statistics

Don’t market blindly. Monitor your efforts so you know when your strategy is hitting the mark.

-Tom Johnson
Account Manager

Monitor Your Email Marketing Efforts

Email is still consumers' preferred method for receiving promotions and information about services; more people read emails from businesses than click on ads or connect on social media. Build contacts, keep communication open and track your progress to optimize your email campaign's effectiveness.

Reach clients directly

Most online marketing requires potential clients to come to you. Email marketing takes your message to prospects.

Build traffic

Your emails should give readers multiple ways to click through to your website. Regular emails help bolster repeat visits.

Boost social activity

Readers are more likely to click on social icons from within an email than from a website. Use your email campaigns to encourage social engagement.

[list building]
Grow your readership

Consumers prefer to receive promotional, permission-based messages through email. Email tops both text and social for marketing communications, with 77% of consumers choosing email as their preferred delivery method — and that number is on the rise.

Marketing Communications Study

Win Subscribers. Track Results.

Open Rates
See how many people are opening your emails, which send times produce the most opens and more. Maximize your open rates.

Click-through Rates
Identify which types of articles and calls to action are most likely to prompt people to visit your site. Go with what works.

Reader Statistics
Monitor your list growth and reader data. Dig deeper into reader demographics to create precisely targeted campaigns.

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