Research is fundamental

Understanding how your audience interacts with your firm helps you build a better experience for future clients.

-Tom Johnson
Account Manager

Call Tracking Identifies Performance

From your website to your news releases, from your social networks to your paid advertisements, your new clients are finding your law firm. When ones fills out a contact form on your site, the lead can be traced to identify the source. But when a new client calls, that information is lost. Call tracking shows you how clients are calling you.

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More clients call than click

We reviewed calling reports from a sample of our clients. The calls came in through phone numbers that were exclusively used with their online marketing efforts. Next, we looked at the leads coming in from their websites' contact forms. We discovered that, in some cases, the call-to-contact-form ratio was as high as 15 to one.

For every one contact form lead, these law firms received 15 leads by phone.

Call tracking features

No Monthly Fee
Call tracking fees are bundled in to your monthly plan. Only minute charges apply.

Local & Toll Free
Local numbers available in all area codes as well as toll free 888, 877 and 866 numbers.

Optional Call Recording
Record calls with automatic legal disclaimers for compliance in all states.

Dynamic Numbers
Different numbers appear on your page based on how a visitor arrived.

Full Caller ID
No more filtering phone numbers. Caller ID reports shows all available information.

Call Reports
Stats and reports are available in your CLM Lounge.

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