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Be The News

People will talk whether you like it or not. Take control of the conversation, or let others define you.

-Cristina Fries

Make Your News Mainstream

Your local and national news outlets have large audiences that pay attention to what they broadcast. When your firm does something big, you need big news outlets to share to your story.

Be seen

Custom Legal Marketing helps connect you with local news sources, from television to print to radio, so that your message can be shared offline and on the airwaves.

Establishing your position as an authority on legal topics through the media will keep you at the front of people's minds when they do need an attorney. And it will build a connection of trust, which is critical to a potential client's decision to contact you.

Be read

By connecting your firm with journalists in your area, your law firm's major accomplishments can reach thousands of people in your community. Journalists are valuable contacts. Once you have established a relationship, a journalist is more likely to contact you for comment on stories related to your area of practice. You may even gain exposure on local television news if a journalist or producer is in need of a guest to interview.

Let the press meet you

Be the news and control the message.

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