Law Firm SEO and Marketing in Chicago, IL

Custom Legal Marketing's Chicago location is one of many strategy centers throughout the United States where local law firms can connect with CLM team members to do performance reviews and progress updates.

Gears of Law Firm SEO

What's Unique About Law Firm SEO in Chicago?

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States which means for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, it's extremely competitive.

Aside from Chicago having a lot of people, the State of Illinois boasts a lot of lawyers. In fact, Illinois ranks number 5 for most lawyers per capita with nearly 50 Bar Admitted attorneys per 10,000 people.

Chicago is also the world headquarters of the American Bar Association.

Illinois Attorney Advertising Guidelines

Illinois has some of the friendliest lawyer advertising guidelines in the country which makes it a great place to market your law firm. Here are some highlights from Rule 7.2 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct.

In Illinois Lawyers Are Allowed to:

  • Pay for advertisements
  • Pay for referrals
  • Pay for lead generation
  • Give and receive referrals from other law firms (so long as the client is aware they are being referred out).

The advertising boundaries in Illinois are fairly broad allowing lawyers to:

  • Tell the public about their services.
  • Publicly list references (with client's permission).
  • Publicly list names of clients (with client's permission).

Talking about your firm

The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties. Therefore, you may never say things on your website like “we specialize in personal injury law” or “our family law experts can help your divorce”. Instead, terminology like “our firm focuses on personal injury” or “we dedicated our practice to helping families with matters like divorce, child support, and adoption”.

Unlike other states like New York, Illinois will allow you use a trade name. This means you don't have to use traditional firm names including names of attorneys.

What are Custom Legal Marketing Strategy Centers?

A CLM Strategy Center puts your marketing team in your backyard. Custom Legal Marketing has fully staffed offices in Tampa, Florida and San Francisco, California. Strategy centers are smaller branch offices. Typically, strategy centers will have 1-3 team members available to support local law firms in the region. Other strategy centers serve as hubs to host CLM team members that are deployed from other fully staffed offices or staffed strategy centers.

CLM Strategy Centers are our way of building local relationships with lawyers in every corner of the country.

Get a Free SEO and Website Analysis

law firm marketing and lawyer SEO analysis

Your Law Firm's SEO success starts with knowledge.

We offer a free analysis of your website, your SEO, your social activity, your local citations and your link portfolio so you can see where your firm stands. When ready, one of our analysts will provide you with a free review along with insights and suggestions about how to boost your law firm marketing performance and strategy.

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CLM is the Real Deal

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