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Get Instant Attention

A good pay-per-click strategy delivers measurable traffic immediately. It's a "right now" marketing strategy.

-Jason Bland
Legal Marketing Enthusiast

Pay-Per-Click Has Changed

Pay-per-click (PPC) is not just for search engine marketing anymore. Social marketing, content amplification services and other networks offer PPC advertising to get your firm noticed.

PPC: Search

Get noticed in the sponsored links area of search engines without paying top dollar.

Experienced PPC management lets you reach the top without maxing out your budget. By focusing on well-built landing pages, conversion rates, click-through rates and ad quality, we can help your firm get leads without breaking the bank.

PPC: Social

Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to target prospective clients based on their profiles and interests, not their search keywords.

Paid social campaigns can add followers and subscribers to your profiles or drive traffic to your law firm's website. Together, social and search gives your firm maximum exposure.

Google AdWords

See how pay-per-click on Google Search can help your firm.

Social PPC

Ads on social networks can deliver a relevant audience to your firm.