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Start with a Handshake

There is no such thing as First Impression 2.0.

-Jason Bland
Legal Marketing Enthusiast

An Experience Like No Other

process 1

We meet.

It starts with a handshake. A real meeting at your office, a coffee shop or café. You will meet your account manager to talk about your calls, you target clientele and past experiences with your website. Don't worry, coffee or lunch is on us.

We create a plan.

Your account manager researches your competition and looks at your current positions, pay-per-click efforts and news exposure before organizing everything he or she learned from the initial meeting. Several other team members are brought in to collaborate on the best strategy for you.

We meet again.

Within one week, your plan will be ready and your account manager will present it to you. You can ask any questions, bring in other partners or staff from the firm and clarify any and all concerns. The recommended plan can be modified to be more aggressive or to fit within your firm's budget.

process 2

We start.

Once you decide to let Custom Legal Marketing power your new marketing plan, an agreement is e-signed and we start immediately.

You meet the team.

The beginning of every project starts with the website. In our first team meeting, you will sit down with your designer and content creator to discuss the direction of your website.

process 3

Designs are presented.

You will receive links to your proposed designs. A meeting or conference call will follow to discuss your initial reaction and suggestions.

Designs are tested.

Once you select the designs you like the best, we send a focus group to review your designs. We track the way they interact with your layout and ask them questions about their experience. Our verified focus groups are made up of people who have hired a lawyer in your field. They represent the precise audience you want to attract.

A design is approved.

We will make changes to your design based on the feedback from the focus group. You may also request changes to the design. We guarantee satisfaction and will work until you are happy with the end result. No change limits. Just satisfaction.

process 4

Your content is created.

Content is created during the design process. Like design, content can be modified until you are satisfied. If we are working on a slogan or positioning statement, we will share our ideas with your focus group to get their reactions.

Your website is programmed.

The website is programmed to look exactly like the proposed design.

process 5


We use the programming time to set up the other elements of your marketing plan. We create third-party accounts, establish social profiles, configure statistics packages, order tracking numbers, develop ads for your paid campaigns and perfect the content.


The website launches, the marketing gates open and we are just getting started.

We are always available.

Reports - Reports are available in your Custom Legal Marketing Lounge. You can also meet with the members of your Custom Legal Marketing team to get updates and review progress. We are a real local team, ready to respond, react and proactively adjust your plan as needed.

Support – CLM clients get preferred support for technical issues and emergencies.