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Bring visitors back

Remarketing helps you get your ads in front of visitors who have already expressed an interest in your services.

-Jason Bland
Legal Marketing Enthusiast

Facebook Remarketing

When someone visits your website, a cookie is placed in the user's browser. That cookie tells the Facebook ad network to display your ads while he or she is on Facebook later.

Connect with visitors

Display your ad with Facebook remarketing and be seen by individuals who have visited your site.

Achieve longevity

Lawyers see best results when they run Facebook remarketing ads 30 days after an individual has visited their site.

Get high conversion rates

When a visitor returns to your site from a Facebook remarketing ad, conversion rates are 10% or higher.

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Where your visitors are

Many people spend many hours on Facebook; your ad will be featured on the one site they are sure to use after they leave yours. Bring them back and convert them to a lead.

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