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Engage with video

Use your videos to introduce yourself to clients personally. Any time. Any place. On any device.

-Laura Donnell

Get started with video

Break the creative process down into easy steps that you can tackle one at a time. The best videos are carefully organized from idea to production to distribution.

Choose a format

What type of video (e.g. how-to or testimonial) would you like to produce?

Write a script

Even if you plan on ad-libbing on the fly, always start by writing out a script.

Select a setting

Location helps establish the right mood and tone for your video.

Everyone has a favorite type

When you answer the smaller questions, viewers are more likely to trust you for help with more complicated matters.

How-to videos give your firm the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge while offering information prospective clients can use. How-to videos are easily sharable, as viewers may know others who share their position. Try answering common questions, like "How to Prepare for Mediation" or "How to Choose a Trustee."

Happy clients are a great resource. They provide good word of mouth and may be willing to produce a testimonial for your firm.

The testimonial is one of the most valuable forms of social proof. "Social proof" describes the idea that people are more willing to act if they see others doing the same thing. When clients describe why they would hire you again, they give others a powerful reason to contact you. Video testimonials humanize feedback and supply a substantial return for the investment.

Tell your firm's story and offer insight into what it's like to work with you.

When culture videos are done well, they help create an emotional connection with viewers. You may want to use a culture video to explain your philosophy, describe why you became an attorney or show a "slice of life" from a day at your firm. Viewers may find they share your outlook and would like to work with your firm.

Your prospective clients probably have a lot of questions. Answer them.

Most people do not require legal help regularly, so they are concerned about what awaits them when they have to hire an attorney. You have heard and answered their questions many times. Pull from this experience to create videos. Calm viewers' nerves by explaining what they can expect and giving them a sense of control.

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