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Knowledge is the key to your search engine optimization (SEO) success. We do a complementary analysis of your existing website, analyze your social activity and what platforms you use, deep dive into local citations and link portfolio and show you where your bankruptcy firm ranks. One of our top-notch SEO analysts then sends you a free review chockfull of suggestions on how to boost your law firm marketing strategy to achieve the performance results you want.


Custom Legal Marketing (CLM) gets results for bankruptcy law firms in some very competitive U.S. markets. CLM is driven by two core principles:

Creativity is the Goal

For bankruptcy law firms to launch a successful marketing campaign, the most important point is to try something "new". How do we do that? We determine what you competitors are "NOT" doing and then develop a creative strategy for YOUR bankruptcy law firm; a strategy that puts YOUR firm in the lead in your area. Our comprehensive approach includes, tracking the competition, links, content, design, reviews and more.

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Committing to just ONE Law Firm

We're serious when we say that if your bankruptcy law firm is our client, you are THE exclusive client in your area of expertise in your city. This is our No Competition™ Guarantee that states we do not work with ANY other bankruptcy attorney in your city.

Our comprehensive law firm marketing approach includes strategic content, link building, client testimonials, winning design, tracking what matters and more. You will get:

1. Strategic Content

Future clients are not just searching for a "bankruptcy attorney". Keeping that in mind, we create strategic content to widen your bankruptcy law firm's reach.

Our strategic content results in leads from targeted searches, such as bankruptcy, bankruptcy (city/state), bankruptcy lawyer, bankruptcy chapter 7, bankruptcy attorney (city name), (state name) bankruptcy law, file bankruptcy and what happens when someone declare bankruptcy and more.

Bankruptcy graphic screenshot

Above, example of a custom infographic explaining disposable income.

2. Authoritative Links

We aim to connect your bankruptcy law firm website to only the best web properties. We do not use low quality links to promote your practice. By the using targeted, relevant content, along with multimedia content and other strategic, unique offers, our clients have garnered links from many of the most trusted websites on the Internet.

3. Glowing Reviews

CLM has a unique system designed to reach those clients when they are most likely to submit a positive review. They receive instructions and screenshots explaining how to write a review. This is an incredible chance for bankruptcy clients to share their positive experience with others about your firm.

Filing bankruptcy is a very confusing process and legal assistance is often needed to accomplish it in the right manner. There is more than one way to file for bankruptcy and a bankruptcy lawyer can help determine which Chapter would best serve a client's needs and/or the ability to repay a portion of the accumulated debt. It's hard work and clients are pleased to share how you helped them navigate the process. 

Use these reviews to connect with prospective clients and convert more leads.

4. Award Winning Website Design

CLM has a 15 year history of building award-winning websites, and we do not just build them and leave them. We monitor user behavior, create detailed photo briefs, hold focus groups and design and build a one-of-a-kind website that speaks directly to YOUR clients and potential clients.

Awards for law firm website design
5. Rising Above the Top Search Results

For those hunting for information about their case, Google may answer their query with a card. The card is above the fold of the page and gives YOUR firm ultimate authority on a topic. We develop questions and topics, structuring them to ensure Google can select YOUR content as worthy of top placement.

6. Pay-Per-Click That Works

We build PPC campaigns to supplement your natural search engine marketing strategy. CLM's Google Partner Certified team is experienced in developing and implementing PPC campaigns that convert.

Google Partner Badge
7. Be the News - Press Relations are Important

Handling a contentious and complex bankruptcy case? Spending extra time learning about the latest ins and outs of bankruptcy law in your state to help clients? You are perfectly positioned to provide expert commentary and CLM is ready to pitch your story.

We develop media/press kits, pitch stories to local journalists and also send these kits directly to editors via direct and email. We also develop content promoted on popular news sites.

Law firms in the news
8. Track Your Success with Statistics

Want to know what we are doing for your bankruptcy website campaign? Log into the CLM Lounge and access scores of reports and stats that monitor your progress. You can track search engine rankings, visitors, links local listings, user behavior and more. Got questions? We have the answers. You should ALWAYS know what your marketing company is doing for you and how it is working.

Facebook analystics

We love statistics and we love sharing them. We believe you should always know what your marketing company is doing on your behalf and whether those efforts are paying off. After all, we are in this together.

Get a Free SEO and Website Analysis
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Your Law Firm's SEO success starts with knowledge.

We offer a free analysis of your website, your SEO, your social activity, your local citations and your link portfolio so you can see where your firm stands. When ready, one of our analysts will provide you with a free review along with insights and suggestions about how to boost your law firm marketing performance and strategy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

CLM is the Real Deal

Jason at CLM is the real deal when it comes to SEO. I don’t think that you could make a better choice.

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