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Share Your Knowledge

Ebooks are valuable trust-building and marketing tools, providing visitors with sharable content.

-Roxanne Minott

Showcase your Firm with branded ebooks

Ebooks provide a flexible, effective way to present prospective clients with valuable tools that will keep you top-of-mind as they search for an attorney.

Prove your expertise

An ebook is an in-depth piece of content marketing that presents helpful information to clients and prospects while showcasing your firm's knowledge and skill. Ebooks allow you to communicate more complex concepts in a visually appealing and easily understandable format. Their versatility enhances their effectiveness — ebooks can be funny or serious, long or short, provocative or conservative. They should be helpful and even inspiring. Sharing knowledge shows clients and prospective clients that you are a trustworthy resource who will be able to find the solutions they require.

Pass it along

Treat ebooks as you would any other free content: encourage visitors to share it with friends and family. People are more apt to read and engage with content they receive from others whom they trust. Use ebooks to make the case for your firm and to show thought-leadership. Get them in as many hands as possible.

Visitors who download ebooks are high-value leads. They have shown a need for your services and a willingness to move forward at least one step in the process. Make those downloads count by providing well-designed, well-written, helpful and compelling ebooks.

Spread the Word

People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it's surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.

-Malorie Lucich
Facebook Spokesperson

Content Marketing with Ebooks

Amazon Kindle
Distribute your ebooks through the Amazon Kindle store.

Apple iBooks
Earn more readership when your ebooks are available for download through Apple iBooks.

Ebook Distribution
Once you have a great ebook, be sure it gets into the right hands. We distribute ebooks to targeted audiences.

Ebook Design
We provide layout services to ensure your ebooks reflect your firm's professional branding.

Content Writing
Our team of writers will work with you to produce compelling ebook content.

We provide editing services for all of your ebooks. Your finished product will represent you well.

Our Process

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