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Build trust and connect with potential clients by giving them a simple way to access information they need.

-Kerrie Spencer
Voice Talent

Podcast Q&A Sessions Deliver Results

People listen to talk radio to hear an exchange of ideas. Question and Answer podcasts simulate that format and provide listeners with shows worthy of sharing. Plus, you never have to leave your office to participate in the podcast production.

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Your interview process

Custom Legal Marketing's interviewer will work with your firm to develop a list of questions.

These questions will be based on research and current events to keep the podcast topical.

Prepare or wing it.

You can prepare your answers or come up with answers while recording the episode.

The interviewer will conduct the Q&A session during a recorded conversation.

All you need is a phone and about 30 minutes. The interviewer will be recording a studio-quality track which will be merged with your phone interview.

The entire session is easy and worry-free.

If you mess up or stumble over your words, simply answer the question again. Our technicians will use the best takes for every episode, so pick up your phone, take a deep breath and show everyone that you have the answers.

    Podcast Production

    Question & Answer Podcasts

    Prepare questions
    We draft questions based on your practice area.

    Have a conversation
    The interviewer will help you feel like you are just having a normal conversation.

    Make a phone call
    You can record your answers over the phone without leaving your office.

    Entertain listeners
    Q&A podcasts almost always get more listeners.

    Check stats
    See how many listeners your Q&A session attracted.

    Schedule more
    Q&A podcasts can be produced monthly, quarterly or just a few times a year.

    Our Process

    Expect an experience like no other.

    Get the FAQs

    Get answers to your questions.