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Engage with Video

Use your videos to introduce yourself to clients personally. Any time. Any place. On any device.

-Laura Donnell

Show Clients You Are The Right Choice

Speak authentically and naturally to prospective clients through professionally edited video. Let your videos serve as brand ambassadors, introducing you to future clients any time of any day.

Connect with new clients

People are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video in which it is featured. People are sensitive to the differences between retail and service marketing, but the knowledge that videos can prompt action does apply to attorneys.

Video delivers an immersive experience that helps establish a relationship between the viewer and the presenter. Your website may be the first point of contact a prospective client has with your firm. Give visitors the chance to engage with you personally, and they are more likely to trust you to address their concerns. They are also more likely to remember you and refer others.

Make the decision easy

Your audience is the most important piece of any video you create. You may be the star, control the message, assist with editing and approve the final presentation, but the video must be about your clients. What are their fears or frustrations? What do they need to hear in order to trust you enough to call? How can you provide information that is valuable enough to share? Our professional video team works with you to develop scripts and produce videos your visitors will want to watch. Many attorneys have videos; yours must be memorable. Give visitors a compelling reason to stop looking and hire your firm.

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Make Your Video Shine

Producing an effective video requires thorough planning. Small choices that may not be obvious to a viewer combine to create a product that is more than the sum of its parts. Make thoughtful decisions about the type of video you produce as well as the lighting, script and setting.

-Kristen Friend
Art Director

Video How-To's

Story Development
We advise on video format and script to ensure you are telling a consistent story about your firm.

Not all takes are perfect. We will edit your videos to highlight your best moments.

Video Q&A
Answer common questions in a natural interview setting.

Clear Communication
Our production team helps make your videos informative, entertaining and easy to understand.

Social Posting
We will place your video on your site and on your social profiles (where appropriate) for maximum reach.

In-Office Filming
We will bring the necessary equipment to you. Make potential clients comfortable by inviting them to sit down with you.

Our Process

Expect an experience like no other.

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