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Always Stand Apart

You will not will not produce the results you need by doing the same thing as your competition. Be memorable.

-Kristen Friend
Art Director

Your Brand is a Promise to Clients

A brand is more than just a logo or website. It is the sum of everything your firm does. Your voice, message, design style, firm culture and interactions with clients are all pieces of your firm's brand.

Develop your image

Differentiate your firm with a stand-out branding package.

Make a great impression

Books do get judged by their covers ... and so will your firm. Make every first impression count.

Grow influence

Your reputation, expertise and passion combine to define your identity and establish your position as a leader.

Understand Your Clients

To build a successful brand, you must understand the needs of your clients and the challenges facing prospective clients. You must speak to their concerns to create an emotional connection and build trust. Emphasize the benefits of working with your firm and impart such messages into all of your communications.

-Kristen Friend
Art Director

A good brand deserves great exposure

Your brand voice must be unchanging in both on- and offline communications. When potential clients come into contact with your brand, they should know to expect a reliable level of quality.

Own a clear identity

Your firm is amazing, and everyone should know it. But when your messaging is murky, your potentials client can't see just how much they would benefit from your legal expertise compared to that offered by your competition. That's why you need a clean, concise brand identity, from your logo to your website to your social marketing.

Stick the landing

At Custom Legal Marketing, we know that your brand and the way you approach it has an undeniable impact on clients. We translate your reputation and experience visually, into compelling, on-message content. We follow your brand's story from logo design to website design to content creation to social media updates to the distribution of your content.

Make Your Story Shine

Standing out doesn't mean tossing up the flashiest website or the loudest logo. Achieve the right kind of attention by presenting your firm with a focus on quality, a commitment to consistency and a devoted attention to detail. That's what we do everyday.

Custom Legal Marketing Team
We love branding

We respect your firm too much to try to sell you another tired lawyer cliché. Expect more from your marketing company. Expect a website that truly reflects your commitment to quality and honors your individuality.

Jason Bland
Marketing Connoisseur

Good branding encompasses more than design and messaging; branding involves the study of human behavior. You must understand what drives each segment of your audience to predict how its members will interact with your firm's brand.

Cara M. Tucker
Editor - San Francisco

    Go Custom. Get More.

    Unlimited Revisions
    We design until you are happy. Do not be forced to use designs that don't fit.

    Custom Logo
    Anyone can use a stock logo. You deserve a unique, custom logo that reflects the quality of your firm.

    Branding Kit
    Build a branding kit that contains the items your firm needs. Get a logo, stationary, notecards and more.

    All File Types
    We deliver your logo and branding materials in a variety of formats, print-ready and web-optimized.

    Brand Developent
    Work with our team to distill your message into the perfect brand statement and representative graphics.

    Own Your Narrative
    Your brand will belong to you and you only, and you will own the rights to all files, designs and content.

    Our Process

    Expect an experience like no other.

    Get the FAQs

    Find answers to your questions.