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Custom Legal Marketing is getting results for law firms like yours in some of the most competitive practice areas in the country. We are able to compete because of our two core principles:

Creative Solutions

Firms that thrive are firms that try new things. We look at what your competitors are doing and then figure out what they are not doing. When we find the door your competition is leaving open, we develop a creative strategy to fill the void.

We Commit to Just One Firm

When a local television network needs to talk to a lawyer;
When a journalist needs to talk to an authority;
When a major website needs to link to authoritative content;
Who are we going to recommend?


We work exclusively for your law firm. Other companies will pass the best marketing opportunities on to the highest bidder. With Custom Legal Marketing, you get our No Competition™ Guarantee, which means we will not work with any competing lawyers in your city. Our comprehensive approach includes content, reviews, links, design, tracking and more. You will get:

1. Strategic Content

Your clients are not just searching for generic keyphrases. That is why we develop strategic content to widen your reach.

Our strategic content generates leads for targeted searches, including: Uber Car Accidents, Bus Injuries, Slip and Fall Injuries, Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries, Truck Accidents, Airport Injuries, What Happens in a Personal Injury Lawsuit? and more.

Above, example of custom slideshow presentation targeting the frequently ask question: What happens during a personal injury lawsuit?

2. Authoritative Links

We are not interested in building thousands of low quality links. We want your site to connect with the best. Through targeted content, multimedia and strategic offerings, our clients have achieved links from some of the most trusted websites. Our success stories are notable.

3. Client Reviews

You work hard to make sure your clients win their case. After winning a judgement or favorable settlement, your clients are happy and willing to share that with the world.
We have developed a system that reaches out to your clients when they are most likely to write a positive review. We provide them with instructions and screenshots explaining how and where to compose a review. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity for your clients to share their positive experience with your firm.
Use these reviews to connect with prospective clients and convert more leads!

4. Award Winning and Lead Winning Designs

We have been building award winning websites for over a decade. We monitor user behavior, employ focus groups, create detailed photo briefs and build a one of a kind website that speaks directly to your clients.

5. A Way to Rise Above the Top Search Result

When someone is searching for information about their case, Google may answer those questions with a card. These cards are above the fold and give your firm ultimate authority on a topic. Our team develops questions and topics then structures them to make sure Google can pick your content as being worthy of top placement.

As a bonus, Google Assistant and Google Home use cards to answer verbal questions!

6. Pay-Per-Click that Performs

Your natural search engine marketing campaign is important. And a supplemental PPC campaign can deliver more leads for all of your practice areas. Targeted campaigns can also help you boost some preferred case types. With CLM’s Google Partner Certified team, we build and manage PPC campaigns that convert.

7. Press relations: Be the news

When you are handling a high profile case or can offer expert commentary on a particular topic, the press relations power of Custom Legal Marketing is ready to pitch your story. We develop press kits, pitch stories to local journalists, send kits directly to editors via email and direct mail. We can also develop content that is promoted on popular news site.

8. Statistics: Track Your Success

We know what we’re doing. You should also know what we’re doing. With the CLM Lounge, you get access to all sorts of stats and reports to monitor your progress. Track links, visitors, user behavior, search engine rankings, local listings and more.

We love statistics and we love sharing them. You should always know what your marketing company is doing and know if and how its working.

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Law firms from all over the United States have switched from FindLaw, Scorpion, Martindale and Justia to Custom Legal Marketing, and none of them have ever looked back. Stop supporting the agency that is helping your competitors win over potential clients, and start working with a true marketing partner.


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