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Customize Your Free Personal Injury Ebook

Instantly create a branded 13-page personal injury ebook!
“Getting Compensated: An Introduction to Personal Injury Claims” is an ebook in PDF format that your firm can offer in exchange for email addresses, give to clients, or share on social media. The guide is provided to you free of charge.

Every Injury Lawyer Should Offer an Ebook

Did you know that ebooks can be used as a powerful link building tool? There are several ebook directories where you can submit your customized ebook. This is a beneficial way to drive new links to your website.

Build Your Mailing List

Offer your ebook and gather the contact information of prospective clients. You are welcome to present your custom ebook on your firm's website in such a way that readers must enter their email address or other contact information in order to receive it. This allows you to make contact with clients who may not be ready to make a phone call, but are still important leads. Your firm's marketing strategy likely includes a monthly email newsletter, and offering the ebook is another way to build your email list.

Build Credibility

Offering an ebook portrays your firm as experts in your field. Increasingly, prospective clients search online for an attorney, and firm websites are the first point of contact. People considering hiring a lawyer are often in the information-gathering stage, and firm websites that have only a brief FAQ and a “call now” message will not be useful to them. Clients who want to learn more before picking up the phone will gravitate to the firm that offers detailed information in a clean presentation. When it is time to make the call, they will choose the firm that provided them with what they needed to know.

Why You Should Create Your Free Branded Ebook Now

Take a look and you will see why. Our legal marketing team has created a guide that is packed with information, yet easy to read. “Getting Compensated” answers the typical questions that prospective clients may have, presented in a professional format, with a clean design and eye-catching graphics.

Customize Your Ebook

PDF will be instantly emailed to you.

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