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We have a lot going on from events to market research. We can't wait to share it with you.

-Custom Legal Marketing
An Adviatech Company

Custom Legal Marketing Newsroom

We have a lot going on and we can't wait to talk about. The CLM Newsroom is your window to Custom Legal Marketing and parent company, Adviatech Corp. Get access to high resolution images, brand assets, press releases, company facts, and request speakers for your next event.

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Our Brand

We have two great logos.

Custom Legal Marketing has two logos with subtle differences. One logo has CLM in a circle. The other has CLM with no circle. CLM should always be white but the circle can be black or teal... but not just any teal, only #32A6B7.

Custom Legal Marketing or CLM?

You can refer to us as Custom Legal Marketing, CLM, or Custom Legal Marketing, an Adviatech company. We want to make sure people associate Custom Legal Marketing with the Adviatech family. When writing about us please state “Custom Legal Marketing, an Adviatech company” at least once in the article. After that, you can refer to us as CLM or Custom Legal Marketing.

All Roads Lead to Here

We have a couple domain names. When talking about Custom Legal Marketing, please link to or any relevant page on the site. Alternatively, we have shorter URLs. We use for our shortened social URL and for our staff emails. All domains redirect to our home page.

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