Social Networking FAQs

I already have social network profiles. Do I have to start all over?

No. We can upgrade existing social profiles for optimization as well as design purposes to make sure your social brand matches your website's brand.

What is social networking?

"Social networking" is a blanket term covering all marketing that takes places on social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The term could refer to social activity (wall posts or shared links) or paid social marketing like Facebook ads, Facebook boosts (paid post promotion on Facebook), Twitter ads and LinkedIn ads.

What goes on my social profiles?

Custom Legal Marketing can power your social profiles with blog content, news releases, infographics, links of interest and law firm events. Different plans have different options.

What networks will Custom Legal Marketing manage?

We will manage major networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and possibly Pinterest (depending on the practice areas offered by the firm). We also work with 20 other, smaller networks that can help drive traffic from smaller markets.

Does social activity help my search engine ranking?

Social activity is beneficial to your search engine marketing. It can help drive traffic and links to your website, and studies have confirmed a correlation between high rankings and social activity.

How can I get Likes on my Facebook page?

Web promotions, clients, emails and paid campaigns can help your firm attract followers. Most Custom Legal Marketing plans will call for an aggressive campaign promotion to get 50-100 local, targeted people following your Facebook updates. Once you have an audience, it's easier to attract more organic followers.