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Website Design FAQs

Are custom websites based on a template?

Custom Legal Marketing does not use templates. When we say “custom”, we mean "designed only for your firm". We sketch layouts, plan functionality and select color schemes based on your law firm's input. If, however, you are looking for a semi-custom design solution, Custom Legal Marketing's sister company, SEO | Law Firm, offers professional semi-custom websites.

How many designs will be created for my law firm?

It's our goal to meet your expectations in the first round of designs. However, sometimes ideas evolve as the design process advances. Therefore, we do not limit designs. Of course, it wouldn't be helpful to just design 100 layouts for sake of doing so, but we can build on your likes and dislikes, then make changes to the created layout until you are completely happy with the look and feel of your website.

Your website is going to make a strong first impression on your future clients. It has to be perfect. We want it to be perfect. We won't stop until you are 100% satisfied.

How long will it take to design my website?

Since the design process involves communication between the Custom Legal Marketing design team and your firm, as well as input from third parties, focus groups, photographers and other elements, timelines may vary. With instant responses and fast design approvals, some websites may be designed, programmed and populated with custom content within six to eight weeks. However, as more changes are required and needs expand, the development time will be increased.

Milestones are established from one point to the next to keep you and Custom Legal Marketing in sync during the development process. We understand that the sooner your website is launched, the sooner your marketing plan can power up.

Will I own my website design?

Yes. Unlike other companies, Custom Legal Marketing extends full copyright to you for the designs we create and the content we write. Refer to your contract for details about your copyright privileges and website portability.

Will Custom Legal Marketing work with my existing website?

No. Custom Legal Marketing is an exclusive suite of services with personal attention to multiple aspects of your online marketing. It's a complete plan that makes Custom Legal Marketing your full marketing department. For information on search engine marketing services that may be available for your firm, talk to a representative at our sister group, SEO | Law Firm – Legal Marketing.

Can I edit my website?

All of our websites are built on the WordPress content management system, which will allow you to add, edit and modify pages, blogs, images, videos and so much more. Never wait for changes. See our library of website management videos for details.

Will my website win an award?

It's no secret that Custom Legal Marketing competes aggressively in web design competitions, and we love adding new awards to our portfolio. However, we don't control the outcomes of competitions, and the judging panels ultimately decide who wins. Rest assured, we want your website to win recognition as much as you do, and we will always deliver our best work.