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Changing your Twitter logo (you’re probably using the wrong one)

Your law firm may be using the wrong Twitter logo. Since your law firm must be adhere to all trademark laws, check what you are using soon. 

Like many other logos on the internet, Twitter logo use is only allowed in precisely specific ways. Make it a point to ensure you are in compliance with their trademark policy in all formats. The link below direct the proper colors, type of font, display guidelines and settings to use the Twitter brand in marketing and advertising materials.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind (see full guidelines here).


Twitter provides this graphic as examples of "do nots".

  • The logo must be either white or blue. No other color is acceptable.
  • Always include a safety space equaling 200 percent the size of the square around the bird.
  • Keep Twitter marks as they are. Don't make alterations or use them in an ambiguous way that might confuse Twitter with another brand. 
  • Make sure the bird faces right. Do not change the direction of the bird in any way.
  • Do not add words or speech bubbles. 
  • Ensure that the bird is unobstructed in its presentation. Check to make sure that nothing is printed or displayed over it in any format.
  • Keep the bird a logo. You may not anthropomorphize it as a "character," animate it or add special effects.
  • Allow the bird to stand alone. Resist the urge to give it a flock of other animals or birds as friends.
  • Use only the current, official Twitter bird. Older versions of the bird, logos or marks need to be updated right away.