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Cloudbleed and Your Website

Cloudbleed and Your Website

As pat of our strong commitment to website security, Custom Legal Marketing (An Adviatech Company) teamed up with Cloudflare through their hosting partner program to make our websites faster and more secure.

You may have heard on CNN Tech or other major news outlets that a vulnerability was discovered in Cloudflare's code (being referred to as Cloudbleed) that allowed data to leak. Some discovered data was encrypted and could have included passwords.

The most sensitive information that could have possibly been exposed through our usage of Cloudflare's services are website login credentials. The odds of your website being affected are minimal and we have found no evidence of any of our clients being affected. However, as a precaution, we have changed the administrative passwords on all of our managed WordPress sites and encourage you to change your user password the next time you login to your WordPress dashboard.

To do so, simply login, hover over "Users" then select "Your Profile". At the bottom of your profile settings page, you will be able to generate a new password.

Adviatech has also taken steps to change all login credentials that handle our internal operations that may have passed through Cloudflare's servers.

We will continue to be vigilant and act quickly on any new information that is presented to us in order to ensure the security of your website and our network.

You can learn more about the Cloudbleed vulnerability on Cloudflare's Blog.