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If You Can't See What Your SEO Campaign is Doing, Is It Actually Doing Anything?

If You Can’t See What Your SEO Campaign is Doing, Is It Actually Doing Anything?

An SEO dashboard would give you the clarity you need to know what your marketing dollars are doing, and if your SEO campaign is actually working.

What’s an SEO Dashboard?
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Like your car’s dashboard that allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t, an SEO dashboard displays the key components of your SEO campaign’s performance. You can use it to track your rankings, organic traffic, web conversions, backlinks, and more. With an SEO dashboard, you can see areas worth improving, and that’s essential to any campaign working within the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

Why do you need one?
Implementing smart SEO practices is the only way to grow your law firm in a significant way. It takes making sure all your SEO practices are tracked and measured to both ensure that your efforts are working and to react intelligently when they aren’t.

What should an SEO dashboard do?
You deserve to know where your marketing dollars are going. You need an SEO dashboard in which you can see the following:

• Different sources of traffic, from organic search to referrals
• Who is visiting your website
• How long people are staying on each page
• Which content is being read the most
• PPC campaign progress and results
• Simple layout design that allows you to see and understand the data
• SEO ranking and local SEO ranking changes
• Email campaign results and activity
• Social media pages and campaigns

All data. No spin.
If your SEO company is giving you a monthly PDF, they could be cherry picking results and only showing you the good stuff. By having a dashboard, you get 24/7 access to data and can see a true honest assessment of your law firm marketing campaign.

When law firms partner with Custom Legal Marketing, they receive access to the CLM Lounge, which lets them monitor all aspects of their SEO campaign without the hassle of multiple logins. Within the same user-friendly interface, clients can get snapshots of their campaign. Law firms deserve an SEO partner that provides total transparency, and that includes a transparent and easy-to-navigate SEO dashboard.

There is no one single metric that can indicate the success or failure of your SEO campaign. A strong SEO dashboard will show you a wide variety of metrics that should be considered. But more than that, you need an SEO partner who will analyze those metrics and come up with solutions to adapt to the constantly changing SEO landscape and Google algorithm updates. At CLM, we have 15 years of data and experience to navigate that landscape with confidence.

Cristina Fríes is a MA in English/Creative Writing from UC Davis (2019), and is a legal marketing strategist and content developer for CLM. Her interests include creating compelling marketing content, writing books, and traveling the world.