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Google's Labor Day Weekend Update is a Big Win for Keyword Stuffers

Google’s Labor Day Weekend Update is a Big Win for Keyword Stuffers

While the number of algorithm changes so far in 2016 has been lower than average, several no-name updates have stormed through Google's search results, disrupting top-page standard bearers.

In May, Google started issuing outbound link penalties and devaluing media sites. This caused a big shakeup as the ripple affect dethroned many highly-ranked page one listings and introduced some new websites to the top.

On Friday, September 2nd, Search Engine Roundtable reported that search engine marketers and tracking...

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Is Google’s ‘Search Bias’ Better for Consumers?

Google LocalResearchers at Harvard Business School and Columbia Law School as part of a collaboration with the Yelp data science team recently concluded that Google was harming consumers by giving preference to their own services. Would consumers be better served by getting a list of directories to choose from?

The study particular targets the local results wherein Google displays listings from Google My Business (formerly Google+ Local) ahead of the organic website...

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