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LinkedIn releases list of top overused profile buzzwords

wirtingWith the new year approaching, LinkedIn has released their list of 2012's top ten overused profile buzzwords. And they have created a helpful infographic to spread the news. Although the professional network added over 50 million new members this year, “creative” once again topped the list of words most frequently seen in profile descriptions. LinkedIn breaks down profile statistics for the United States and worldwide, and the word...

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Lessons learned from a day of competitor research

openResearching your competitors is an important aspect of both the website design and marketing process. Keeping an eye on what others in your field (and locality) are doing helps provide important insight as to what works and what doesn't. It also helps you avoid making the mistake of marketing your firm in a way that is too similar to that of other attorneys in you area. If your website looks...

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What social media practices spur the most engagement?

soc media habitsWhen your firm is engaging in social media marketing, it can seem at times like you are just throwing information out into the ether. Are people reading your updates? Do they like what you are sharing?

One of the most important things to remember about building a useful social media presence is that it takes time and patience. It is easy to get frustrated that you do not have enough...

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The Steady SEO Strategy Wins Results for Lawyers

clientsfeeling1 At the start of an SEO strategy is when many law firms may be wondering if they made the right choice. Did they pick the right law firm marketing company? Did they select the appropriate plan? A couple of months go by, things are slow to improve and they get worried.

Search engine optimization is not like advertising. An honest SEO consultant cannot come to you and say,...

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Develop a Consistent Social Media Branding Strategy to Grow Business

Social networks can be a good way to give your law firm exposure and establish expertise within your practice area. Attorneys can comment on news items that are of particular relevance to their area of practice, and they can use social media to convey positive press about their firm. But social networks can also be a good way to make your firm look unprofessional or out of touch. Attorneys and firms that participate in social networks must do so...

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