Google's Labor Day Weekend Update is a Big Win for Keyword Stuffers

Google’s Labor Day Weekend Update is a Big Win for Keyword Stuffers

While the number of algorithm changes so far in 2016 has been lower than average, several no-name updates have stormed through Google's search results, disrupting top-page standard bearers.

In May, Google started issuing outbound link penalties and devaluing media sites. This caused a big shakeup as the ripple affect dethroned many highly-ranked page one listings and introduced some new websites to the top.

On Friday, September 2nd, Search Engine Roundtable reported that search engine marketers and tracking...

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SEO | Law Firm™ is Now Part of Custom Legal Marketing

SEO | Law Firm™ is Now Part of Custom Legal Marketing

Adviatech was founded in 2005 and shortly thereafter we found our niche: helping law firms grow. We promoted our lawyer-focused products under Adviatech Legal Marketing until 2007 when we created the SEO | Law Firm brand and We are very proud of what we accomplished under SEO | Law Firm. It’s the brand that put us on the map, helped us thrive during the recession, and was the spring board for Custom Legal Marketing.

The name SEO |...

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Ok Google, I Need a Lawyer

Smartphones help you pay bills, communicate, work on the run, tap into your inner photographer, and act as personal assistants. This technology can help people with the basics such as What time is it? Where is the nearest coffee shop? Where is the nearest fire station? It can also help people with life changes such as “I own a...

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The Curious Relationship Between IT and SEO

SEO and ITImagine a scenario in the "Mad Men" era of marketing where the technicians who kept the printing machines running were invited into the decision room to critique and comment on the ads they would be printing. Frankly, it would never happen. Those mechanical engineers weren't generally going to provide the best insights on marketing, any more than the marketing personnel could solve ink spatter problems.

Fast-forward to 2015, and...

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Google Author Removes Your Picture, Retains Author Credit

profile picturesThose photos of you and your staff that once displayed next to your search engine listings has been removed. Google has removed everyone’s pictures with the author still retaining credit for their work, although some author photos may still appear on Google+ based on relevancy and level of interaction with others.

This move caught many lawyers by surprise as no one foresaw Google completely removing pictures from their Google Authorship program....

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Your law firm’s outbound links still play an important role

resourcelinksThere is a lot of discussion within the search engine marketing community surrounding the Google Penguin 2.0 updates and how they affect inbound links to your firm's website. In last month's issue of the Bigger Law Firm magazine, the author created a framework for how to think about search engine marketing moving forward. It's about connections, not just links to your website.

Connections involve social connections, citations, websites which mention...

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Focus Legal Marketing Efforts on Niche Practice Areas

When planning your website, search engine optimization, and online legal marketing strategy, determining your practice area is probably going to be a more difficult task than you originally anticipated. Not because you do not know what you do but rather, do not know what to focus on with your website.

Remember, the goal of your website and search engine marketing strategy is to convince Google’s algorithm that your website is the most relevant for your keyphrase or keyphrases. If you...

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