Worth 1000: Is your photography supporting your firm's voice?

Worth 1000: Is your photography supporting your firm’s voice?

If your law firm's name was not mentioned somewhere in your articles, on your website or on your advertisements, could people identify the material as coming from you? If a potential client came across one of your Facebook posts and one of your SlideShare presentations, would he or she recognize that each was produced by the same entity? If you met in person, would that encounter reflect the experiences that individual has already had with your firm online?

Hopefully, the...

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Color Theory and Making the Right Connection with Your Law Firm Marketing

Color psychology is a complex science, one which people could spend their whole lives studying. It is something that we understand subconsciously when we choose the colors that surround us. It is why deep red dining room walls are more common than bright blue, and why muted earth tones are often seen in spas while bright primary colors adorn toy stores and playgrounds.

A potential client's reaction to color must be taken into consideration when developing marketing strategies. A...

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