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Facebook’s “See First” feature sets higher bar for social media relationships

FacebookIf your law firm is active on Facebook, you already know that “Likes” are valuable to your marketing efforts. When someone Likes your firm's page, each of your posts has a chance to appear on that person's News Feed – their personalized Facebook front page, which aggregates stories from the individuals, businesses, and organizations that they follow. Moreover, their friends might see a notification that they have Liked your page, further increasing your exposure.

Now, Facebook has created a new, higher bar for businesses to strive for to achieve a closer relationship with their customers. It's called “See First.” A user may activate the feature from the page of any entity that they follow. After they do so, every post from that entity since the user's last visit to Facebook is guaranteed to appear at the top of his or her News Feed.

The difference between a regular Like and See First is hard to overstate. Remember, not every post from a Liked entity appears on a user's News Feed. That is determined by many factors, including the performance of a given post among other users who have seen it so far. And the most valuable posts from a marketing point of view are sometimes the worst-performing, e.g. overt calls to action that generate revenue or data.

See First, on the other hand, guarantees that a user has the opportunity to read each and every post you make, regardless of any other factors. Your best posts and your worst posts will always appear in their News Feeds.

The See First feature is so new that many casual Facebook users are not yet aware of it. If you introduce your followers to the concept, they may reward you by trying out the feature on your page.