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4 Ways to Avoid Boring Law Firm Content

4 Ways to Avoid Boring Law Firm Content

Content marketing for law firms does not have to be boring. While this is hardly a revolutionary statement, it is an important reminder for a field that all too often conflates informative with dull. In fact, law firm content marketing presents many opportunities to think outside the box instead of relying on paragraphs of stock copy peppered with legal jargon and keywords.

Ensuring that content is engaging is crucial for law firms looking to attract potential clients. Boring content does not serve your clients well nor does it help you rise above competitors. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies for replacing dull content with compelling copy that has the power to impress website visitors instead of turning them away.

Focus on the target audience. One of the biggest mistakes law firms make is producing generic content that tries to target everyone. Even law firms with general practice areas still need to focus their content to a target audience with defined characteristics and demographics. Once you develop a prospective client profile, you can produce content that speaks directly to their unique needs and grabs their attention.

While content marketing for law firms undoubtedly involves technical aspects such as search engine optimization, web content presents an often overlooked opportunity to connect with your audience creatively on a deeper level. Rather than writing descriptive copy about their services, lawyers can try answering their clients’ questions. People are more likely to find value in content that offers specific, helpful information.

Use creativity as an antidote to dull content. Individuals who are looking for a lawyer do not want to read the same, repetitive content from every law firm. The legal field is especially prone to creating content that inundates their audience with information about a topic rather than offering applicable knowledge.

One way to fight this tendency is to come up with insightful and creative content topics that your target audience will be inspired to engage with. Consider offering a lawyer’s perspective on timely news stories or current events that are popular on social media. For example, an estate planning lawyer may outline the benefits of drafting a will based on a widely reported celebrity inheritance battle. People are increasingly looking for interesting content that gets them thinking or entertains them while being informative.

Avoid confusing legal terms and jargon. Many law firm websites contain content that is essentially a keyword-rich laundry list of services. Nothing turns website visitors or search engines off faster than long blocks of content brimming with legalese. Considering all the different things jostling for attention these days, people simply do not have the time to comb through long paragraphs of information to find what they are looking for.

When creating content, try to use everyday language that is easy to understand. Additionally, break up lengthy paragraphs with headers or bullet points so that they are easier to navigate. Incorporating visuals such as images, charts and graphs are also an effective way of adding interest to content and helping people better understand complex information.

Infuse freshness into stale content. Law firms that want to convey a sense of professionalism and credibility to potential clients should regularly review their website content to make sure it is accurate and up to date. Remove any outdated information, update existing copy and try to publish new content consistently. Incorporate different types of content such as blog posts, articles, frequently asked questions, infographics and even video.

Producing unique, high-quality law firm content that attracts and engages visitors is an ongoing process. By venturing outside the usual trappings of content marketing, lawyers can transform boring copy into creative content that drives traffic and generates leads.