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Is Spotify A Missed Advertising Opportunity For Lawyers?

Is Spotify A Missed Advertising Opportunity For Lawyers?

Records, cassettes, CDs, mp3 – this is the evolution of portable recordings. Now that we are in the streaming era of digital media, new ways have emerged for you listen to music, books, and shows wherever you go. One company that provides streaming digital media is Spotify.

Spotify is a streaming service that provides access content from entertainers and other professionals all over the world. At the basic level, it provides free music consisting of millions songs. However, the users and subscribers of the service are also able to listen to podcasts and watch videos.

With over 200 million users, Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming platforms. Of these users, approximately half them are premium subscribers, which gives them access to podcasts. The huge selection of music from different genres and podcast for a variety of topics, Spotify has something for everyone and markets to many different demographics, which is likely why user listened for an average of 25 hours each month.

In addition to streaming music and podcasts, Spotify also offers businesses and individuals the option to advertise through its streaming service. The Spotify Ad Studio is a platform for advertising that lets you create and manage your audio ad campaigns. You can create ads that are 30 seconds or less that will appear during the break between songs. The ads are available for free users and paid subscribers to hear.

The Spotify options of podcasts and advertise are great ways for lawyers and law firms to reach potential clients and make their business known to a large audience. They are essentially mobile commercials to engage people you may not interact with traditional marketing and advertisement methods.

Lawyers and law firms succeed by securing clients and earning revenue. While people still watch television, listen to the radio, and read prints ads, it is important to advertise everywhere people are going to see it. Today’s society is focused on the internet, streaming music, and podcasts. Spotify includes all of these sources.

Lawyers are missing out on the advertising opportunity available on Spotify. Placing a law firm advertisement between songs is a great way to impress your business, almost subliminally, into the mind of the listener. People can listen to Spotify everywhere, including their computers, laptops, tablets smartphones, smart televisions, and game consoles. People listen to music to relax, unwind, even to hear songs that speak to what they are going through at the time. Whatever their reason, let the music play. When the your ads comes up between their songs, it be just the information their need to hear. The positive side for the lawyer or law firm placing the ad is that free Spotify users can not skip ads.

Starting a podcast through Spotify is also a great advertising opportunity for lawyers and law firms because it can help to an audience of recurring fans and potential clients. The podcast can be an advertisement in itself because the lawyer-host can insert the name of the company through the podcast. The Spotify for Podcasters also lets the podcaster owners see stats daily of who is listening and where they are located. To keep track what is working well for your podcast will help you create an advertising strategy that will reach your target audience as well as expand pool of potential listeners and clients.

Spotify is another avenue to reach more potential clients and introduce your company to the world. The person listening may not need a lawyer now but may need one in the future. Your ad or podcast may stay in their mind to reach out for consultation or representation later. A listener may also inform others about your business and become another method of advertisement by word of mouth.

Chyrra Greene is a content developer for law firms at Custom Legal Marketing.