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Getting More Attention For Your Law Firm's Instagram With Stop-Motion

Getting More Attention For Your Law Firm’s Instagram With Stop-Motion

Instagram is rolling out with a new feature for their app: stop-motion camera mode for Instagram Stories. Courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong, the internet was able to get a sneak-peak demo of how this feature will work. This in-app feature that is currently in development makes it possible for users to create videos from a compilation of photos. This method of video making is very reminiscent of classic Christmas or Tim Burton films, but without the expensive equipment or expertise to pull it off.

So How Does Stop-Motion Work?

Traditionally, stop-motion animation is a film technique where you can create sequences by manipulating objects in small increments in every frame. A good example of this is Ben and Jerry’s stop-motion Instagram post highlighting their ice cream flavors.Typically, this kind of movie magic would require the use of a tripod or some steady hands. Fortunately, Instagram’s stop-motion camera mode is incredibly easy to use. The most handy part about this new feature is its’ overlay capabilities which allows you to overlay your last captured frame over the previous one. You will be able to effortlessly make sure your camera or subjects are in the right place and ensure that your animation is as smooth as possible. The only drawback is that this feature is limited to 10 frames. But 10 frames is definitely enough to play around with and create some interesting videos.

Use Instagram Stories for Your Social Media Campaigns

Both avid and new users of Instagram would benefit by adding a little creativity to their social media campaigns. A person’s average attention span is about 8 seconds long. To grab and maintain people’s attention, creating content made with short bits of information (aka micro-content) is an incredibly useful tool. Instagram Stories’ is an entirely emphermial experience where the user’s photo or video post will disappear after 24 hours. The convenience of creating temporary stories has great potential. You will have the freedom to experiment with a variety of ways to leave a positive impression on your audience. Once stop-motion camera mode becomes available, give it a try and spice up your social media strategy.

Jessylyn Los Banos is a content developer for law firms at Custom Legal Marketing.