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Is your law firm taking advantage of Event Schema markups?

Is your law firm taking advantage of Event Schema markups?

You might think of entertainment when you hear “event,” but the reality is that a lot of lawyers get many of their clients by hosting seminars and webinars. If you’re one of them, you should know about Event Schema markups.

If you’ve been conducting seminars or webinars, you're well aware of their value. Why not amplify their reach with Google’s help? With Event Schema markup, you can do just that.

As part of our ongoing series on Schema Markups for lawyers, we just released our Event Schema Markup video, which will help you boost your event attendance with a helping hand from Google.

How Event Schema Markup Works

When someone does a search for an event, Google will often display a menu of events with links directing searchers where to go for information or tickets. That box is pulling that information from structured data (or Schema markups) on various websites.

How Event Schema looks in Google Search

Google may also use Event Schema Markups to expand your search engine listing to display information about your event on the search results page which looks something like this:

Event Schema Markup Example

With Event Schema, you can help Google know that the content on your page is about an event and help them feature that event in search.

Adding Event Schema Markup to Your Website

Adding the event schema markup is pretty easy on WordPress. If you’re handling the event registration in-house, you will probably want a robust plugin like 'The Events Calendar,' which automatically takes care of the Event Schema markups for you.

But if you’re like most law firms that either use a third party to manage registrations (like Eventbrite) or perhaps only occasionally host seminars, the SEO plugin running on your website will help you take advantage of schema markups without installing a full management system.

Since most law firms fall in the second group, I provide a real example in the video by adding a Event Schema Markup on the seminar page for Hazen Law Group, an elder law and estate planning law firm in Pennsylvania.

If you’re not using WordPress, that’s okay because, in the video description on YouTube we’ve also included additional resources for law firm websites that use different SEO plugins or platforms to ensure that every lawyer can leverage the power of Event Schema.

Our video series on Schemas for Lawyers is just getting started! Be sure to check our Article Schema for Lawyers and Breadcrumb Schema for Lawyers videos to see how schemas can boost your law firm's SEO strategy.

Watch our Video on Event Schema Markups

Jason Bland, co-founder of Custom Legal Marketing
Jason Bland is a Co-Founder of Custom Legal Marketing. He focuses on strategies for law firms in highly competitive markets. He's a contributor on, is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, Young Entrepreneurs Council, and has been quoted in Inc. Magazine, Business Journals, Above the Law, and many other publications.