Grow Your Online Engagement With Facebook Stories

Grow Your Online Engagement With Facebook Stories

What Is Facebook Stories?

With new technology, comes new opportunities. Following the increased popularity of the “story format” originated by Snapchat, Facebook roll-out their own in-app version called “Facebook Stories”. Going against the social media norm of preserving and saving moments, Facebook Stories take a much more temporary approach and allow its users to generate photo and video collections that can be viewed up to two times and disappear after 24 hours.

While posting content that will only last for one...

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Newfound Way of Approaching Content Marketing in 2021, and Other Must-Reads

Newfound Way of Approaching Content Marketing in 2021, and Other Must-Reads

Content Experiences Are the New Content Marketing (Search Engine Journal)

We've all heard about benefits of content marketing, but in 2021 it's all about creating content experience. Now what does that mean? Content experience is the "intersection of content marketing and user experience", where you pay close attention to how you structure your content, how you present content and the environment in which your content lives. Focusing on how your users...

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Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm's Videos

Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Videos

Facebook users consume 100 million hours of Facebook videos per day, matched by 500 million hours of Youtube videos watched each day. Does that mean people are watch law firms' videos?

That depends on the channel and the device.

Look Who’s Watching
For law firm videos, the video click through rate (or play rate) on mobile devices is miniscule compared to desktops and tablets even though YouTube's traffic is more than 50% mobile. When Custom Legal...

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Retargeting: Never say goodbye to your law firm’s visitors

remarketing_for_law_firmsIf your law firm wants to take advantage of a 10-20 percent conversion rate, retargeted ads can help. With them, you never say goodbye to your firm’s visitors. 

Retargeting interacts with the basic nature of social media. Everyone surfs multiple types of websites. Facebook in particular is highly popular, and it offers ways to share just about anything in one way or another. 

Ever wonder how items you have been shopping for somewhere...

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Organic Promotion Carries New Costs on Facebook

FacebookBrace your law firm for another change from Facebook: paid organic link promotion.

For the last few months, law firms relying on Facebook pages to promote their businesses have been encountering a great deal of difficulty. As they tried to reach end users with unpaid, organic promotion, it became apparent that only a small portion of their posts were actually seen in the news feeds they expected. As such, businesses...

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Social may be trendy but search brings home the leads – SPECIAL REPORT

Social marketing is a popular topic on blogs, in lawyer magazines, and at conferences. This attention is certainly well deserved. Just look at the audience:

  • Facebook – 1 billion+ users
  • Google+ - 500 million+ users
  • Twitter – 500 million+ users
  • LinkedIn- 200 million+ users
  • Pinterest – 48 million+ users

Those audiences should not be ignored, however when looking at what drives leads into your office, we see that search is still the driving force.

Source of leads for law firms from Google, Yahoo,...
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Instagram opens new doors with web profiles for users

instagram 3Responding to its growing popularity and requests from users, the photo sharing service Instagram has announced the arrival of online user profiles. Instagram has always allowed users to share pictures through email, text or across other social networks, but the service has until now not provided a single location on their own network for people to showcase their pictures.

Instagram profiles will be different from those on other social networking...

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Align your social media activity with user expectations

entertain me 2Attorneys who use social media as a part of their marketing efforts face challenges that are exclusive to the legal industry. Professional services marketing in and of itself is very different from product marketing. Added to this are restrictions on what attorneys may or may not be able to say according to ethical guidelines, which can vary from state to state.

Since it is not efficient for attorneys...

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Is your firm getting the most out of its Facebook posts?

facebookpostsFacebook has been taking steps over the past several months that show a growing understanding of how businesses and individuals are using its service for marketing purposes. The site now has areas dedicated to building business pages, resources for businesses, success stories, advertising tips and apps that help companies manage their pages. Law firms are better equipped take advantage of the platform to position themselves as leaders and build...

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