How to Catch Typos on Your Law Firm's Website

How to Catch Typos on Your Law Firm’s Website

Emails. Texts. Websites. These days, much of our communication relies on the written word. That’s in addition to the memos, contracts and motions you compose for your law firm.

Written messages have their advantages. You can craft your response on your own time and convey information in a permanent way.

With all the different forums requiring you to type your words instead of speak them, there are many opportunities for typos to sneak into your sentences.

Typos on your firm’s website aren’t…

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Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm's Videos

Get the Most Out of Your Law Firm’s Videos

Facebook users consume 100 million hours of Facebook videos per day, matched by 500 million hours of Youtube videos watched each day. Does that mean people are watch law firms’ videos?

That depends on the channel and the device.

Look Who’s Watching
For law firm videos, the video click through rate (or play rate) on mobile devices is miniscule compared to desktops and tablets even though YouTube’s traffic is more than 50% mobile. When Custom Legal…

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How Law Firms Should Adapt to Mobile-First Indexing

How Law Firms Should Adapt to Mobile-First Indexing

It’s finally 2018 and the mobile revolution is at large — everywhere. People are constantly on their mobile devices: searching, consuming content and purchasing. Rather than researching information on desktop computers at home, consumers are turning to their mobile devices on-the-go. In fact, 60 percent of Google searches are made on a mobile device. This widespread increase in mobile device searches has made an impact on both Google rankings and the Google Index.

What is the Google Index? The Google…

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The 2018 Content Marketing Plan for Law Firms

The 2018 Content Marketing Plan for Law Firms

Content marketing is propelling forward into a modernized world of high expectations for law firms: to be unique and trustworthy for clients with a crisp and transparent online presence. As rough as the roadmap to successful marketing may seem, it is not impossible. The secret is in the flow. Here is how your firm can tackle content marketing today:

Create Your Plan of Action

Break it down.
The simplest start to new beginnings in 2018 is to realign your law firm’s goals…

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Marketing and the Brain - Part 1 of 3

Marketing and the Brain – Part 1 of 3

Visual input

How does your brain perceive a logo? How does copywriting play to the brain’s impulses? What role do emotions play in our decision-making?

Understanding the role of the brain’s cognitive biases and tendencies in the marketing process is essential to converting more leads. The way our brains are wired to respond to marketing features is simpler than you may think. In fact, while each mind is unique, we often respond in predictable ways.

In this three-part blog series, we’ll cover…

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Should your law firm’s blog have loyal readers?

lawyer blogsFor nearly a decade, search engine marketers have been the hailing the blog as the best communication invention since Gutenberg’s press. The blog provides an easy way to keep your website active, up to date and filled with good content. It also makes it easy to share your content through various online outlets and social media.

But some law firms believe that their blog is going to become…

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A review of Google’s 2014 algorithm changes – Part 1

Google Penguin - © 2012 - 2015 Adviatech Corp. All rights reserved.2014 brought a steady stream of changes to Google’s algorithm. The majority of the updates were aimed at preventing spam and low-quality content from reaching the top of the search results, and rewarding high-quality content. As collected by Moz, the changes that occurred in the first half of 2014 were:

February 6, 2014: Page Layout #3
The page layout…

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Find your inspiration – a holiday grab bag of helpful design resources

giftIn honor of America’s birthday, here is little a gift for everyone: links to provide you with inspiration for your next marketing project along with some bonus tools to help clear clutter and enhance your productivity.


Fonts are an often overlooked design element – a smattering of Arial, Verdana or Times arranged into paragraphs for general consumption. But your typography is actually the largest design element on…

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Who is paying attention to banner ads?

One of the challenges of online marketing is determining how to best divide your budget between available methods. A number of forces continue to converge that make this decision ever more complicated. Google’s successful efforts to encourage high-quality, contextually relevant content and penalize sites that try to take short-cuts coupled with the growing influence of apps and mobile search are forcing firms to employ multiple tactics. And the question of how much social media activity and influence may (or…

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