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Google Chrome's AdBlocker and Your Law Firm's Marketing Efforts

Google Chrome’s AdBlocker and Your Law Firm’s Marketing Efforts

Adblocking software has become increasingly more necessary as advertising interferes more and more with the online experience. Ads can interrupt the user’s goal with a blast of noise in an automatic video pitch or sprawl across a web page with a pop-up countdown clock. As a result, Google felt the need to intervene. Whether this is a step in the right direction is up for debate.

On February 15th, Google Chrome was updated to ban obnoxiously impeding ads by default...

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How Law Firms Should Adapt to Mobile-First Indexing

How Law Firms Should Adapt to Mobile-First Indexing

It’s finally 2018 and the mobile revolution is at large -- everywhere. People are constantly on their mobile devices: searching, consuming content and purchasing. Rather than researching information on desktop computers at home, consumers are turning to their mobile devices on-the-go. In fact, 60 percent of Google searches are made on a mobile device. This widespread increase in mobile device searches has made an impact on both Google rankings and the Google Index.

What is the Google Index? The Google...

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Six ways to set your firm apart in 2017

Six ways to set your firm apart in 2017

The beginning of the year provides time for both reflection and renewal. The season invites us to look inward and consider our goals for our personal and professional lives.

Here is a new year's resolution for attorneys to add to your lists: “In January, I will read all the practice area copy on my website and on the sites of at least 5 of my closest competitors.”

While this resolution may sound about as fun as trying a...

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Panda is now a piece of Google's core algorithm

Panda is now a piece of Google’s core algorithm

Google has confirmed that Panda is now a part of its core ranking algorithm. Panda has not been updated; Google was careful to specify that any recent updates to its core algorithm were not Panda or Penguin related. Rather, Panda in its current form has been integrated as part of the algorithm's core functionality.

Panda targets page quality. The initial Panda release in 2011 aimed to lower the rankings of pages that contained weak or “thin” content. On a domain...

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Getting personal leads to getting new cases

People hire you to handle their legal matters. They don't hire logos, DIY legal document services, they hire you - your experience, your credentials, maybe even the style of your hair. Whatever it is, you are who they are contacting.

You need...

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Social may be trendy but search brings home the leads – SPECIAL REPORT

Social marketing is a popular topic on blogs, in lawyer magazines, and at conferences. This attention is certainly well deserved. Just look at the audience:

  • Facebook – 1 billion+ users
  • Google+ - 500 million+ users
  • Twitter – 500 million+ users
  • LinkedIn- 200 million+ users
  • Pinterest – 48 million+ users

Those audiences should not be ignored, however when looking at what drives leads into your office, we see that search is still the driving force.

Source of leads for law firms from Google, Yahoo,...
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Mimicking Other Lawyers’ Strategies Not Always the Best Course

chess reflectionWhen your law firm started thinking about a strong online marketing plan, you probably ran a few searches on local competing law firms. After getting a look at the top-ranking crowd, you may have then contacted a search engine marketing company and declared that you wanted them to do whatever your competitor was doing.

In fact, some companies offer that same tactic. They check a competitor's link portfolio and...

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Google Announces Tool to Repair Your Firm’s Search Engine Credibility

Google's recent Penguin update targeted websites that had links pointing from sketchy internet neighborhoods. Does your law firm have a link which points traffic to it from a website advertising paid links? Is it in a directory that you can only get listed in by exchanging a link or paying a fee? Those links now work against your law firm's ranking in Google.

As news about Penguin's targeting spread, some website owners cried foul, claiming that not all websites linking...

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Your Law Firm Needs Unique Ideas, Not Just Unique Content

unique ideas not just contentThere is a strong call for content volume if you want your law firm's website to be easily found via Google. From onsite content such as blogs, social network content, and marketing literature including ebooks, press releases, and articles, the demand for a lot of content can be overwhelming.

Prepare to be over-overwhelmed.

Unique content is not the only element to worry about. Google can also identify similar topics within unique...

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