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Getting personal leads to getting new cases

Personal side

Including pictures of lawyers doing something they enjoy can make their attorney bio page more than a resume and a way to connect with prospective clients.

People hire you to handle their legal matters. They don't hire logos, DIY legal document services, they hire you - your experience, your credentials, maybe even the style of your hair. Whatever it is, you are who they are contacting.

You need to think about the power of you when selecting an online marketing strategy. Your website should not be a buffer between you, your law firm, and prospective clients. Instead, it should be an extension of you and what you stand for.

Don't think this only applies to sole practitioners. If you have a larger firm with multiple attorneys, you can capitalize on this philosophy by bringing the characters and personalities of your law firm to life so that the many personalities that make up your practice can become part of your online presence.

How to make your website personal

1) Who are you, really? - Your attorney bio page is one of the most popular pages on your website. When reviewing analytic data, we see it confirmed across all practice areas and major cities. Your bio page on your website is a great place to talk about you.

List your credentials, but don't focus on them. Everyone assumes you went to law school, that doesn't need to be the focus.

  • What are some of your hobbies?
  • What organizations do you volunteer for or contribute to?
  • Most importantly, why did you choose the area of law that you practice?

2) Step away from the bookcase – Your attorney bio page can be so much more than just your resume, and that means going beyond the picture of you in a suit and tie. Include photos of you doing things you enjoy, like sailing, golfing, horseback riding, rebuilding classic cars, cycling, dog training -- anything that gives the potential client a glimpse of who you are. Then, have the other lawyers at your firm do the same thing.

3) Share personal stories on social profiles – Of course, you need to maintain a professional image, but extending your hobbies and the interest of your staff to your social profiles is a great way to show off your human side. A few examples of personal events to share could be weddings, adopting a dog or cat from an animal shelter, or participating in an athletic event.

Sharing a piece of yourself with prospective clients can give your firm a powerful competitive edge. Clients need to make a connection with you and the other lawyers at your firm. Adding some personal insight makes it easier for clients to connect with you and your firm, and those connections lead to new cases.