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Assessing Your Law Firm's Website Ahead of Google's Upcoming Page Experience Update, and Other Must Reads

Assessing Your Law Firm’s Website Ahead of Google’s Upcoming Page Experience Update, and Other Must Reads

What To Evaluate Ahead of Google's Page Experience Update (Search Engine Land)

Google announced the Page Experience update, that will be live on May 2021, along with a new set of metrics called Core Web Vitals and the removal of the AMP restriction on its Top Stories carousel. With several months ahead of us, now is a great time for marketers to evaluate the impact this update has...

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Six ways to enhance your firm's responsive website performance

Six ways to enhance your firm’s responsive website performance

Mobile devices have forced designers and developers to rethink how they approach building webpages. Smaller screens demand layouts that are lean, simple and scalable. Designers must identify the most critical content first and design around that content. This changes the way pages are created for all screen sizes, encouraging more streamlined experiences from mobile to desktop.

Today, over half of all digital media consumption is done on tablets or smartphones.

People expect seamless transitions as they access websites across a variety...

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Find your inspiration – a holiday grab bag of helpful design resources

giftIn honor of America's birthday, here is little a gift for everyone: links to provide you with inspiration for your next marketing project along with some bonus tools to help clear clutter and enhance your productivity.


Fonts are an often overlooked design element - a smattering of Arial, Verdana or Times arranged into paragraphs for general consumption. But your typography is actually the largest design element on...

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Interactive Guide Illustrates How Typography Affects Your Website’s Readability

typographyThe fonts you use on your website will affect visitors in a variety of ways. Font size, face, color and spacing all contribute to the design and readability of the pages. Large, open, sans serif fonts tell a much different story than small, compact condensed fonts, which in turn create a very different mood than those of the sturdy serif variety.

Fonts are an much overlooked design element. Too often,...

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