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Google Gets the Searches but Yahoo Gets the Traffic

grow your blog readershipYahoo is back in the web traffic game. 2013 statistics show that although Google is still the clear leader in search engine use, Yahoo is showing a healthy uptick in overall web traffic, for the first time in two years. The numbers do not include mobile traffic. Those numbers are out soon and may show a different story.

Comscore, which ranks top U.S. websites, reveals Yahoo hit 196.6 million unique visitors in July 2013, while Google ranked second at 192.3 million. Yahoo also led Google in May 2011. It is obvious the trends are shifting and the competition is fiercely close. While these numbers may seem to indicate Yahoo is taking a lead in the industry, the statistics do not measure just that parameter. They measure all of Yahoo’s various channels, including, but not limited to Yahoo News, Flickr and Yahoo Finance. However, the Yahoo numbers do not include any Tumblr traffic.

The analysis of the numbers indicates that Yahoo and Google are still in close competition, which is not new information. However, the hike in numbers does show Yahoo is getting its feet back and making inroads to strengthening their position, which may be attributed to Marissa Mayer’s revamping since she took over the Yahoo helm.

Yahoo is doing a lot of new things and has some exciting changes on the horizon but when it comes to searches, Google doesn't seem to be losing their number 1 position anytime soon.