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Increase Your Caseload with These Website Changes, and Other Must-Reads.

Increase Your Caseload with These Website Changes, and Other Must-Reads.

Google’s algorithms updates are hard to keep up with on your own. But luckily, we and other legal marketing professionals are keeping up and finding ways of helping you stay up to date. Read these excellent articles on ways of improving your website and SEO to gain new quality cases.

8 website tips and tricks to Increase your caseload (Consultwebs)

Your website should draw in the right prospective clients, and convince them to contact you. But you’re not getting as many quality leads as you want. Whether it’s simplifying your design, including client testimonials, or another edit to your website, these tips will help spark ideas for ways your current site might be falling short. Make the changes you need to get the clients you know you can best serve.

Local SEO for lawyers: 9 steps for law firms to improve their local rankings (Lawrank)

When someone is looking for a lawyer nearby, you want your firm to appear at the top of the list. Here are some actionable steps you can take to start ranking higher on local search, including what to do with your Google My Business account and adding pictures to your listing.

4 things lawyers should know about Google’s search quality rating guidelines (Lawlytics)

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are key for a law firm website to rank well, but what exactly does that look like? Read on to find out how Google makes its algorithm updates, and how your law firm can make changes to your website that will help it rank higher on Google searches.

“People also ask” boxes a Goldmine of information for law firm marketing (Bigger Law Firm)

The “People also ask” boxes that appear after the first search results are a great way for users to help narrow down and explore their search topic. As a lawyer, you can take advantage of this feature a number of ways, such as posting FAQs on your site that could appear in a “people also ask” box. Read on to learn how to gain more high quality search traffic by optimizing content for this tool.

In case you missed it:

Should you offer free consultations? (Custom Legal Marketing)

The question of whether to offer free consultations or charge a fee depends entirely on several determining factors. Are you experiencing a slow period with few cases? Might there be a conflict of interest if you offer free consultations? Whatever your situation may be, we have a solution for you.

Cristina Fríes is a MA in English/Creative Writing from UC Davis (2019), and is a legal marketing strategist and content developer for CLM. Her interests include creating compelling marketing content, writing books, and traveling the world.